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Elbe Princesse II

The delightful MS Elbe Princesse II is due to be launched in 2018. This modern vessel is designed to navigate the challenging conditions of the Elbe River using advanced engineering technologies. With a remarkably low draft, the vessel is able to navigate low waters and traverse areas that other vessels operating in this region are not. The vessel accommodates a maximum of 77 passengers, providing a warm and intimate atmosphere on board. With plenty of light and a large Sun Deck, there is ample opportunity to watch the world gently pass by as you relax on board your comfortable floating hotel.

Please note that owing to the fact that the Elbe Princesse II is currently under construction, the images shown are of her sister vessel, the MS Elbe Princesse. Whilst the vessels will be very similar, there may be some subtle differences with regards to decor.

  • Restaurant
  • Reception
  • Upper Deck Cabin
    Upper Deck Cabin
  • Main Deck Cabin
    Main Deck Cabin
  • Your Dining

    Your Dining

    Meals are taken in the single sitting restaurant on the vessel’s Main Deck. The restaurant seats all passengers in an open seat arrangement and tables are arranged to seat groups of four, six and eight. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style and feature both hot and cold dishes, whereas dinner is served to your table with a choice of main course. Cuisine is a selection of regional specialties and international dishes. Alcoholic and soft drinks are included in your holiday price (excluding premium brands) as are tea and coffee which are available throughout the day on a self-serve basis and with meals.

  • Life Onboard

    Life Onboard

    The vessel is comfortable with a convivial and informal atmosphere on board. The friendly crew will do their utmost to ensure your stay is enjoyable, informative and agreeable throughout. A daily briefing by the Cruise Director will give you information on the next day’s activities and expert, English-speaking local guides provide insider knowledge into the local culture, architecture, history and traditions.

  • Your Cabin / Suite

    Your Cabin / Suite

    The cabins are spread across the Main and Upper Decks and all are outside facing. All cabins are located above water level affording outside views from their large windows and there is plenty of natural light both within the cabins and in the public areas. All cabins are fitted with a bathroom with shower, washbasin and WC. Cabins also feature a safe, ample storage space, flat screen television, small desk and seating area, hair dryer, plus all have their own climate control units. All cabins have two separate mattresses laid together forming a double bed, although these can be separated on request (please note cabins 116 and 216 feature fixed double beds). Cabins measure 14.5 m2 except for the three single cabins which measure 12 m2.

  • Your Space

    Your Space

    Spread over three decks, the onboard facilities include a delightful restaurant which accommodates all guests in one sitting. The lounge is a pleasant space for relaxation and the large panoramic windows create a bright and airy ambience. The Lounge also features a large TV and bar area which is accessible from the reception area. On the large, spacious Sun Deck there is comfortable deck furniture where you can relax in the shade or enjoy the pleasant weather. The onboard shop sells various practical and souvenir items.

  • Ship Directory

    Ship Directory


    Please find below further details pertaining to the vessel or click on the booklet to download. 

    We are delighted that you have chosen the MS Elbe Princesse for your upcoming voyage.

    Built in 2016 and catering for just 79 passengers, the MS Elbe Princesse is a modern and comfortable vessel on which you can be assured of a warm and friendly atmosphere. The highly experienced onboard staff will provide you with excellent service throughout the journey.

    The MS Elbe Princesse is the ideal choice of vessel for cruising the Elbe as she is newly built and, with her shallow draft, is specifically designed to navigate this river. The cruises along the Elbe are planned to be leisurely with plenty of time to relax on board and there is a large Sun Deck on which to relax and enjoy the passing scenery.


    All cabins have individually controlled heating and air-conditioning.


    An alarm will be sounded in the event of emergency. Please follow the instructions provided on board for what to do in the event of emergency.


    Your times for embarkation and disembarkation will be provided by your Cruise Director.


    During your time on board, various announcements will be made by the ship’s crew and the Cruise Director. Please listen out for these announcements as they will be of importance or interest.


    All drinks, other than premium brands, are included within your holiday price.


    No salon is available on board.


    No bicycles are available on board.


    All twin cabins measure 14.5 square metres and single cabins measure from 11 to 12 square metres. Twin cabins can have a twin or double bed configuration.


    Each cabin features an ensuite bathroom with shower and toiletries, climate control, hairdryer, safe, in-cabin telephone and a flat screen television.


    A Noble Caledonia Cruise Director will accompany you on your voyage.


    The currency on board is the Euro. While Visa and MasterCard are accepted, personal cheques and debit cards are not. Regrettably, the ship is not able to offer a money-changing service on board as this would be contravening official regulations.


    Each evening the next day’s programme will be delivered to your cabin.


    Comfortable and practical attire is recommended during the day for excursions and something dressier for the evening. More formal dress is required only for Welcome and Captain’s drinks/dinner (black tie is not necessary).


    Electricity on board is 220v with 2-pin power outlets. We recommend you take an adaptor with you. In the interests of safety, please note that the use of electrical irons on board is strictly prohibited.


    There is no elevator on board.


    Embarkation and Disembarkation times will be provided by your Cruise Director.


    Full details of the ship’s emergency and safety procedures will be provided following your embarkation. Please note there is no Doctor on board the vessel.


    On your cabin door is a deck plan displaying your closest (and all other) emergency exits. Emergency exits are marked in green and fire extinguishers fitted in all corridors.


    A number of crew are fully trained and certified to provide First Aid. Further medical assistance can be sought from one of the hospitals along the river in the event of emergency.


    Gratuities have been included in your holiday price however, if you feel that certain individuals deserve special award, you are of course free to remunerate as you please.


    A small gift shop selling various practical and souvenir items is available by Reception.


    There is no hair salon on board.


    There is none available on board.


    Your cabin will be cleaned once a day and you will be provided with a ‘turn down’ service at night.


    Each cabin will receive their own cabin key. Before leaving the ship we kindly ask all passengers to swap the cabin key with a shore pass which will be provided to you by the ship’s reception desk. After your return to the ship, we would please ask for you to return your shore pass back to Reception in exchange for your cabin key.


    There is no laundry or dry cleaning services on board. Please ensure you pack appropriately.


    This is not available on board.


    Lost property can be handed in to the ship’s reception. Please ensure you have all of your belongings with you before you return home. Should you leave items on board the ship we are only able to return them to you at your own cost.


    Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are served on board. Breakfast and afternoon tea are buffet-style whereas lunch and dinner are served. Please note that due to galley restrictions, Croisi Europe is unable to offer a choice at each course. Certain dietary requests can be catered for (on request). Please provide any such requests in writing to Noble Caledonia at the time of your reservation and please reiterate these requests to the ship’s Hotel Manager upon your embarkation.


    Docking space is allocated by the local river authorities. On occasion other river cruise vessels may be required to dock alongside our ship. This may result in restricted cabin views and may also entail us being required to embark and disembark the ship through another vessel’s public area and/or for the other ship’s passengers to do the same.


    Please ensure you take the appropriate precautions to guard against mosquito bites. NEWSPAPERS Newspapers are not available on board.


    Despite our meticulous planning efforts, there may be times when changes must be made to the daily programme due to circumstances beyond our control such as heavy river traffic or fluctuating water levels. The ship’s Captain and crew will do their utmost to find the best and safest solution. Any changes to the day’s schedule will be communicated as soon as possible.


    Services such as gifts from the shop must be paid for at the time of purchase. While Visa and MasterCard are accepted, personal cheques and debit cards are not. Regrettably, the ship is not able to offer a money-changing service on board as this would be contravening official regulations.


    The vessel’s gift shop sells postcards and stamps for you to purchase (subject to availability) and, items can be posted on your behalf by the ship’s crew (although as they are unable to do so each day, this could take longer than if you were to post yourself). Please note that neither the ship nor Noble Caledonia can be held responsible for items of post that are not successfully delivered on your behalf.


    A questionnaire will be provided to all passengers towards the end of their sailing. We would be grateful for you to complete and return this.


    Noble Caledonia has arranged for all passengers to have access to a ‘Quietvox’ audio system for shore excursions. Further details shall be provided to you following your embarkation.


    Reception is staffed throughout the day. A member of crew can be contacted 24 hours a day.


    Room service is not available on board.


    All cabins are fitted with a safe and we recommend you place your valuables inside the safe whenever you are away from your room. Please remember to remove all items from your safe prior to you departing the vessel at the end of the cruise.


    Please take careful note of all safety instructions provided to you by the Master and crew of the vessel. Full safety instructions will be provided to you on board.


    Smoking within your cabin or any of the vessel’s public areas is strictly prohibited. Designated smoking areas are provided and can be advised by the ship’s reception upon embarkation.


    The ship has a Sun Deck which is available for guests to enjoy. There may be times, for example at periods of inclement weather or low bridges (when sailing), whereby it is necessary to close the Sun Deck. Please listen carefully to the Captain and Crew for instruction. Please also note that the Sun Deck and its steps may become slippery if the weather is cool or dew forms.


    A telephone is available within your cabin.


    Visitors are not permitted aboard the vessel. The ship’s operators reserve the right to deny boarding to any persons.


    Complimentary water is available during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bottled water is available within your cabin and is replenished once a day.


    Wireless internet connection is available without charge. There may be times when internet connection is slow or not available.


    The above information is accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Noble Caledonia accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions and none of the facilities or features of the vessel described herein which are not specifically described in our advertisements and on your holiday invoice as being included in your holiday price will be deemed to be included in your holiday package. If you would like further information about the vessel or about any of your holiday arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Deck plans
    • Deckplan