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Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruises offer visits to out of the way destinations, which are off the beaten tourist track. Accompanied by an Expedition Team many landings ashore will be made by Zodiac landing craft and will appeal to the more adventurous and those who enjoy the natural world. There are some experiences which words cannot adequately describe such as standing on a crest of an age old glacier, seeing a whale gracefully breach above the sea’s surface, watching a grizzly hunt for spawning salmon in the gushing Alaskan waters or stepping foot on remote tropical islands which are unscathed by the modern world – all this and much more is achievable during one of our expedition cruises which vary from a ‘usual’ cruise in that the itinerary is less defined. Although we set sail with an itinerary, it is the unscheduled events that often become the highlight of the journey and the places visited and the order in which this is achieved will vary depending on wildlife sightings and diversions such as following a whale that may appear at anytime.

For those who enjoy seeing and learning about the wonders of nature, be it birds, mammals, marine life, geology or botany, these cruises offer the perfect environment. In place of the customary Cruise Director and entertainment staff, our expedition cruises are managed by an Expedition Team; a well qualified team of naturalists who travel ashore with you and also provide informative talks onboard. These hand-picked experts are naturalists, historians and ecologists who will share their knowledge and enthusiasm during forays ashore and whilst onboard. They will supervise the daily programme and hold talks and briefings throughout the cruise. The expedition teams have one aim, to make your trip as enjoyable, relaxing and informative as possible.