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From the Field with Pam Le Noury

Pam Le Noury, Noble Caledonia’s Head of Expedition cruising, will be bringing us news from the field with regular updates from fellow Expedition Leaders and members of the expedition team including interviews with your favourite onboard naturalists. Whilst we are temporarily unable to cruise the seven seas, Pam and the team will bring the oceans to us and we hope that their knowledge and enthusiasm of the natural world and expedition cruising will help entertain and inspire you until such time that you can join them on board once again. Please contact Pam at with any questions and/or suggestions for what you would like to see here.


Artist in residence, Yvonne Ankerman, talks to us about painting in Antarctica and how best to record your voyage memories in art form. Whether painting ashore, from the deck of the ship or at an art workshop on one of the sea days, Yvonne provides guidance and tips illustrated by her wonderful watercolour paintings.



Join ornithologist Ian Bullock as he takes us on a short tour of the birdlife of the extraordinary Indian Ocean islands. From white-tailed tropic birds to fairy tern, vangas, boobies and the rare Seychelles magpie robin, learn of the region’s many endemic species and exotic migrants that you may encounter whilst exploring the region.



Mike Nelhams, Curator of the Tresco Abbey Gardens chats to Pam Le Noury about the enchanting Isles of Scilly and what you can expect to see there on a Noble Caledonia expedition call or escorted tour. Learn about what makes each of the islands special including the diverse range of plants that can be found in this unique sub-tropical climate.


Pam Le Noury takes us on a beach walk with a difference, focusing on the fragments of ocean life found on the tide line.


How do you make water at sea? What do ships flags mean? How do you become a deck officer? Island Sky Safety and Navigation officer Charley Cunningham has the answers to lots of interesting questions about life at sea.   


Expedition Leader and marine biologist, Pam le Noury takes us on an explorative journey through the animal kingdom as seen in a typical rock pool. This short video covers all the invertebrate animal groups that you can find in a rockpool from the most basic but important sponges, to the overlooked but fascinating limpets and through to sea squirts and how they are all connected.


In this short video botanist Alan Hardwick talks to us about plant hunting and what can be found close to home including the Houndstongue with its intriguing history.



Steve Jones from ORCA, the whale and dolphin conservation charity, chats to Expedition Leader, Pam Le Noury, about the important work that they do collecting scientific data, including Citizen Science projects aboard Noble Caledonia’s fleet for ocean conservation. 



Marine mammal expert, Colin Baird, and Expedition Leader, Pam Le Noury, discuss some of the highlights that can be experienced on an expedition cruise in Iceland from the wonderful marine life to the unique geology and the wilderness of the Westfjords.



Onboard historian and explorer, Seb Coulthard, talks about the mystery and wonder of Antarctica with Pam Le Noury including the rich and diverse history of the region as he recounts his historical recreation of Shackleton’s epic voyage.




Daniel Austin, co-author of the Bradt Guides for Madagascar and one of world’s leading experts on the island joins Pam Le Noury to discuss Madagascar’s incredible flora and fauna, along with the unique experiences on offer during an expedition cruise around the island.

Expedition Leader and expert on Australia's Kimberley region, Craig Ward discusses what can be expected during an expedition in the region which, as Craig explains, is one of those places which remains as nature intended it to be.


Dr Chris Edwards talks about the fantastic geology of the islands in the Atlantic including the British Isles, Faroe Islands, Cape Verde and Canary Islands 


Birding specialist and biologist, Ian Bullock, takes us on a short hop around the globe highlighting some of the wonderful places and best expeditions for birdwatching from the UK to Central America and the Atlantic Islands.


In this short video Noble Caledonia onboard botanist and expedition team member Alan Hardwick gives us some gardening advice and shares his useful tips for container planting


Pam Le Noury talks to sailor, expedition guide and Noble Caledonia onboard historian, Seb Coulthard, about the golden rules of expedition planning including details of his recent trek through the Jordanian desert  


Dr Phanor Montoya, expedition team member and marine biologist discusses the importance of coral reef restoration and a project supported by the Noble Caledonia Charitable Trust with Pam Le Noury.


Whale Watch - Marine mammal experts Colin Baird and Pam Le Noury discuss the best regions and expedition cruises to view the many species of whales



Pam Le Noury discusses the joy of sea days and what can be experienced on board when at 'sea' with oceanographer and regular expedition team member, Pierre Malan

Expedition Leaders Pam Le Noury and Hannah Lawson explore the delights of small ship cruising around the British Isles


Pam Le Noury discusses some useful gardening tips and ideas with plant enthusiast Alan Hardwick

from his home in the Highlands


Expedition Leader, Pam Le Noury discusses why the Indian Ocean is perfect for Expedition Cruising


Expedition Leaders, Pam Le Noury and Craig Ward discuss Noble Caledonia’s South Pacific expeditions


Expedition Leaders Pam Le Noury and Jane Wilson discuss the joy of expedition cruising in Antarctica