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From the Field with Pam Le Noury

Dr Olav Orheim is a Norwegian glaciologist who has studied icebergs his entire life. He served as director of the Norwegian Polar Institute from 1993 to 2005 and was appointed associate professor in glaciology at the University of Bergen in 1989. He has probably landed atop more icebergs than anyone in the world and was once stranded overnight on one with David Attenborough! In this fascinating interview Expedition Leader, Pam Le Noury, discusses all things iceberg with him including what glacial wonders you can expect to see on one of our Antarctic voyages. He also gives us an update on the infamous A68A iceberg floating around South Georgia and talks about his involvement in the Southern Ice Project which planned to tow an Antarctic iceberg to South Africa and convert it into municipal water during the severe drought there in 2018.



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