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Isabela II

There are many vessels in the Galapagos accommodating up to 100 passengers but we have chosen to charter the 20-cabin Isabela II for our explorations from our associates and leaders in Galapagos voyages, Metropolitan Touring. Refurbished in 2012, the Isabela II is a stylish yacht ideal for exploring the Galapagos Islands. This accommodates just 40 guests in comfort, and is equipped with Zodiacs for landing on these remote islands. The ship is also equipped with sea kayaks, a glass bottom boat and snorkelling equipment for making the most of your journey around this breathtaking archipelago. Onboard you will be accompanied by a team of passionate and dedicated naturalist guides who will add greatly to  you overall experience.

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    Onboard shop
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    Fitness room
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  • Your Cabin/Suite

    Your Cabin/Suite 

    Carrying a maximum of only 40 guests, all 21 cabins aboard the Isabela II are en-suite and have outside views with ample storage space, a safety box and a hairdryer. Divided between two decks, there are 20 cabins on the Cabin deck whilst the master cabin is located on the Main Deck next to the dining room. There are 16 Classic Cabins measuring 12.8m² and these have twin beds, Standard Cabins measure 12m² and have double beds. The Master Cabin on the Main Deck is larger and measures 18.9m² and has a double bed, with an additional sitting area. 

  • Your Space

    Your Space 

    The vessel features three decks and is air-conditioned throughout to ensure that the temperature onboard is comfortable at all times. The Lounge features soft furnishings and is where daily briefings and films on the natural world will be shown throughout your voyage. Here you will find a well stocked bar where you can enjoy a drink in the evenings, or perhaps relax with a good book and a cup of tea from the coffee and tea station which is available 24 hrs a day.

    In the reception area you will be welcomed by friendly faces and informative staff and it is here you will find the small gift shop and internet point although quality of reception will depend on location.

    The Sun deck offers breathtaking views of your surroundings and opportunities to look out for nature. Relax on the comfortable deck furniture with a book, keep a look out for passing wildlife or perhaps enjoy a refreshment from the bar. There is also a hot tub and gym available on this deck, and here you will pick up your wetsuits and snorkelling equipment. The Sun deck is also where the Bridge is located which passengers will have access to throughout.  

  • Your Dining

    Your Dining

    The spacious single seating dining room is tastefully decorated and affords outside views and on occasion meals can be enjoyed on the Sun deck. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, with a wonderful selection of local fresh produce and both hot and cold dishes. For lunch there is a selection of soup and salad, main courses and dessert. Dinner is a set menu served at your table. Coffee, tea and water are included in the price of your cruise, whereas soft drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages, are in addition. 

  • Life Onboard

    Life Onboard 

    If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, the Isabela II is the perfect choice. The three naturalist guides onboard will always be on hand to answer queries and share their expertise. The emphasis of your trip will be on adventure and exploration and your guides will be able to answer any of your questions or point out unique wildlife along the way. Whether snorkelling, exploring by Zodiac, discovering one of the breathtaking islands by foot, or looking out for whales from the sun deck, your journey promises to be one of discovery shared with like minded travellers. 

  • Ship Directory

    Ship Directory


    Please find below further details pertaining to the vessel or click on the booklet to download.

    We are delighted that you have chosen the Isabela II, which we have chartered from our associates at Metropolitan Touring, for your exploration of the Galapagos Islands. Carrying a maximum of only 40 guests, the yacht Isabela II is the perfect choice if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere and real comfort. The three naturalist guides on board will always be on hand to answer queries and share their expertise. The spacious public areas ensure there is always somewhere to relax with a book or simply enjoy the stunning scenery.

    We hope that this information booklet answers any questions you may have pertaining to the vessel and wish you a pleasant voyage.


    Air temperature can be individually controlled in each cabin.


    The Boat Deck Bar is open from 11:00 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 18:30 and in the Main Lounge from 18:30 until it closes. All drinks, including those ordered in the dining room, are charged to your shipboard account.


    It is conveniently located at the lobby. The daily programme will be posted here, as well as natural history information regarding Galapagos subjects, announcements and news. Another informative bulletin can be found next to the Reception desk.


    Located on the Main Deck, right next to the Gift Shop. Please check with the Expedition Leader for books to read during the voyage. After reading, guests are kindly requested to return the books to the library. This quiet location will give you the chance to catch up with your reading. There are also two computers with Internet access, please ask for your code at Reception.


    Carrying a maximum of only 40 guests, all cabins aboard the Isabela II are en-suite and have outside views with ample storage space, a safety box and a hairdryer. There are 18 Classic Cabins measuring 12m² and these have twin beds except for cabins 11 and 12 which feature a double bed. Standard Cabins measure 12.8m² and have double beds. The Master Cabin on the Main Deck is larger and measures 18.9m² and has a double bed, with an additional sitting area.


    Internet connections onboard consist of two computer stations in the business centre and WiFi in the yacht’s social areas; due to the Galapagos’ remote location, internet connections are intermittent and low-bandwidth. During the welcome briefing, you will receive information about these services. There is a satellite phone located at the Reception. Charges will be added to your shipboard account.


    Lazy chairs and observation chairs are available on the Boat Deck.


    An open seating policy applies for all meals, with tables unassigned. Meal hours will vary depending on the programme each day, and will be announced and posted daily on the bulletin board. Guests are kindly requested to observe the established meal hours. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, while dinner is served directly at your table. Coffee, tea, snacks and cookies are always available at the coffee station in the Main Lounge. If you have any special requirements regarding meals, please contact the Hotel Manager. There is always a vegetarian option available.


    There is no lift or chair lift on board. Travellers must be able to walk without the aid of another person, step on and off small boats and carry their own luggage at a minimum. Some of the excursions involve a good deal of walking on uneven trails and sometimes slippery terrain. The ship reserves the right to deny passage to passengers whose physical limitations could disrupt group operations or make it unfeasible for them to accompany the group.


    There is an informal dress code at all times. For dinner and evening programmes, women will find casual outfits entirely suitable. Men will be comfortable in sports shirts and slacks. Please note that bathing suits or bare-feet are not permitted in the dining room at any time. Also, guests are kindly requested not to enter the public areas or cabins with wet or dirty shoes.


    There is an emergency button in your cabin. Pressing the button signals an alarm on the bridge, whereupon a crew or staff member will immediately come to your cabin. PLEASE USE IT FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY. Life jackets can be found in the wardrobe in your cabin. In the event of an emergency, proceed to the designated MUSTER STATION and await instructions.


    All electrical outlets in the cabins and bathrooms are 110V. Guests are requested not to plug electrical equipment into other areas of the ship without consulting a ship’s officer about the voltage of the outlets in public areas. Special outlets for 220V are available at Reception. The Hotel Manager can assist you if you need adapters.


    Air conditioned, indoor gym with glass panels, open 24 hours, with a bike, elliptical and a treadmill.


    • Bars (two) • Boutique & Gift Shop • Glass Bottom Boat • Jacuzzi • Lounge/Saloon • Medical Officer on board • Use of computers with internet & WiFi internet access (service in this remote region cannot be guaranteed) • Reading Room & Natural History Library • Restaurant • Sea Kayaks • “Shorty” wetsuits ($17 US Dollars per person plus 14% V.A.T.) for snorkelling • Snorkelling Equipment


    The gift shop is located on the Main Deck, next to Reception. Opening hours of the boutique will be found posted on the bulletin board. All purchases are added to your shipboard account.


    For a relaxing time you can use this facility, located on the Sun Deck. Please ensure you read the safety instructions. Open from 10:00 to 20:00 hours, and by request after dinner.


    You will be provided with at least two full services per day.


    You may request ice at the Bar. For your convenience, an ice maker machine is also located on the Boat Deck, right behind the Hot Tub. Your cabin is provided with a pitcher and glasses.


    Isabela II does not issue keys to the cabins. For your convenience all cabins are provided with a safe, located within the closet. The instructions for its use are found next to it. If you have difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the reception.


    You will be transferred from the ship to shore in Pumar inflatable landing craft and/or a glass bottom boat. Landings are either wet (where you might have to wade ashore in shallow water) or dry (which make use of a dock or other landing stage). There will generally be an excursion ashore immediately after breakfast, after which you will return to the ship for lunch. There may then be time for a short ‘siesta’ before the afternoon shore excursion. The naturalist-guide will accompany you on all shore excursions.


    Please note that there is no laundry facility on board Isabella II.


    Your cabin has been designed so that luggage may be stored under your bed. There is sufficient space in each cabin to hang and store clothing.


    Although the seas around the Galapagos tend to be calm, seasickness can still be an issue. We recommend that you take the appropriate precautions, even if you have never previously suffered from motion sickness. There is a doctor on board at all times, therefore please feel free to visit him/her at any time should you need to. Passengers requiring special medications are advised to bring a supply with them.


    The official on board currency is the US Dollar. Throughout your cruise you will be signing for all purchases, you will then be presented with your final bill at the end of the cruise. Your final bill can be settled onboard by cash, Travellers’ Cheques (both in US Dollars) or by Credit card (Visa, American Express and Mastercard only). Gratuities are included for all services on the ship and ashore. 8 +44 (0)20 7752 0000 9 PHONE CALLS You can make a phone call from Reception. Please ask for assistance. RATE: US$ 2. per minute (subject to change). POST Mailing postcards is possible in Galápagos (Santa Cruz Island, Baltra Island and San Cristóbal Island). The Ecuadorian postal service on the mainland, however, will be faster. We are not responsible for postal delays incurred by the local postal system.


    All announcements can be heard on the public address (PA) system in your cabin. Music programming will be selected daily. Please adjust the volume level to your own preference.


    The Hotel Manager has an office at the reception area. If there is no one at the reception desk, please leave a message. If there is an urgent matter, please notify any member of the staff or crew and they will be glad to assist you.


    The shower in your cabin is equipped with dual controls, for both hot and cold water. If you have any questions about the shower, please don’t hesitate to ask the Hotel Manager. Since the vessel converts salt water into fresh water (desalination), water conservation is always a concern since it uses valuable natural resources. Whenever possible, please save water. Please only flush toilet paper and body-waste. All other items should be placed in the bin. Towels are changed according to our environmental policy: towels lying on the floor will be changed.


    For the consideration of non-smoking fellow guests, please note that all indoor areas, including cabins, dining room and reception lounge, have been designated as non-smoking areas. Smoking is therefore allowed exclusively outside the bar, located in the Main Deck. Please refrain from smoking on shore, in shore excursion vehicles and in inflatable boats. Smoke and open fire will activate the smoke detectors. Please do not throw your cigarettes overboard, as it is a violation of international maritime pollution laws and they can easily be blown back onto the ship.


    Because the Yacht Isabela II is an Ecuadorian flagged ship operating in Ecuadorian waters, it is subject to Ecuadorian tax laws. All purchases in the Gift Shop as well as bar charges are subject to the 12% VAT (Value Added Tax). Additionally, the law requires a 10% Service Charge on purchases of all beverages.


    The vessel is self-supplied with water. Equipped with two reverse osmosis desalination plants, Isabela II produces sufficient potable water for an ample daily consumption. You will find water bottles in your cabins, as well as a refilling station in the Bar and on the Main Deck.


    An asset to the operation in the Galapagos are the inflatable boats, recognised as the safest and most versatile small boats afloat. The inflatable boats on board are 191/2 feet long, powered by four-stroke outboard engines and accommodates12 to 14 guests plus crew.


    The above information is accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Noble Caledonia accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions and none of the facilities or features of the vessel described herein which are not specifically described in our advertisements and on your holiday invoice as being included in your holiday price will be deemed to be included in your holiday package. If you would like further information about the vessel or about any of your holiday arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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