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Wildlife and Natural World

Kevin Morgan

An enthusiastic naturalist with a passion for wildlife enthusiast, Kevin has been a keen birdwatcher since childhood and he has worked on cruise ships from Antarctica to the Arctic, Iceland to Norway, and the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, with the British Isles being a favourite with its diverse coastline and seabird colonies. Kevin was a naturalist on a sailing expedition from South Africa to the UK; on a junk in the South China Seas, and he has led whale watching tours, from Blue Whale encounters off California, to swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas and has seen over 40 species of cetaceans.

Based on his experience at sea he was behind the concept of Sealife - A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment, working closely with the artist to illustrate dolphins from above, as they are seen when bow riding. Kevin was on the St. Vincent Parrot Expedition to the Caribbean in 1982 and a resident naturalist in Tambopata region of the Peruvian Amazon in the 80’s - and a founder member of TReeS (the Tambopata Reserve Society). In the UK he carries out wildlife surveys (bats, bird, reptiles & amphibians), lectures on his travels, and leads wildlife walking tours. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a member of the Marine Conservation Society, a founder member of The Shark Trust with a passion for sharks, and he has an Oceanography Masters. An experienced sub-aqua diver he is learning to free-dive and can hold his breath - for nearly 5 minutes! To relax, he likes to lambada and salsa, the dancing.