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Chantal Cookson

Chantal was born in Suffolk very near the sea and now lives in Northumberland where her husband farms and when possible, they go to their cottage in Suffolk.  Chantal has been associated with Noble Caledonia since the company was founded in 1991 and was part of the Expedition Team for many years on the MS Caledonian Star and has led tours, be it cruising or land, all over the world, including the Antarctic in 1999, aboard the Caledonian Star on her first voyage there and in 2017 was aboard the MS Island Sky on her first voyage to the Antarctic. Chantal’s initial experience of cruising was in British waters in 1991 when Noble Caledonia did the first cruise around the British Isles, which was a ground breaking voyage and led to a very successful and popular concept. Though her main job for over 25 years was working for Sotheby’s, she is now a Travel and Fine Art Consultant intertwining in her busy life still working periodically as part of the Noble Caledonia Expedition Team and also as a Tour Leader on Land Tours. From the Arctic to the Antarctica, South America to Australia, Africa, India, The Seychelles, Indonesian Islands and many other destinations including many times the West Coast of Scotland, she has been able to pursue her love of the oceans, zodiacing and photography. Chantal is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Chantal Cookson is on the following tours: