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Inspiring Itineraries

We do hope you enjoy browsing through the many and diverse itineraries we have on offer. With over 300 different cruises and tours in our portfolio it is a challenge to make sure that our regular travellers are kept up to date and our new website is the perfect medium.

We pride ourselves on always having something new and unique to offer and our well informed and well-travelled London based staff have created a captivating collection of journeys all over the world using varying modes of transport. Our passion however is small ships and no one else in the world of small ship cruising offers such a range of travel experiences. Constantly on the move from region to region our vessels specialise in one-off itineraries, it is rare that identical itineraries are offered within the same year and if they are it is for very special reasons or extraordinary demand. Our policy of offering continuously different itineraries allows those who prefer longer voyages to often combine two or three trips without duplication and keeps our experiences onboard fresh and challenging.

Each year our horizons widen and we now offer cruises all over the world. One of our passions is exploring islands. Small ships are perfectly suited for comprehensive itineraries around island groups particularly in undeveloped areas. You will find our vessels offering detailed trips around Cape Verde, the Azores, the Inner and Outer Hebrides, the Seychelles, Society Islands, Solomon Islands, Ryukyu Island, the Galapagos, West Indies and the islands of the Arctic  to name just a few. If you prefer to explore the world by river than sea, we offer cruises along 20 of the world’s rivers from the Danube to Ganges or the Douro to the Irrawaddy we know we have the widest selection of river journeys available from any tour operator.