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Syria relief Update on the Basma Medical Centre


In April 2014 the NCCT matched donations from Noble Caledonia travellers and corporate partners and raised £11,500 to fund staff salaries at the Basma Childcare Centre in Syria, the main objective of which is to provide medical care and psychological support to children who suffered the effects of the ongoing conflict in Syria. We have received regular support and beneficiary information from Syria which paints a heart-breaking picture of life for children involved in the conflict. The area in which the care was being provided became too risky due to security issues, so the centre  was moved to Aleppo City and staff worked in mobile units in areas where they are needed most and are secure enough for staff to operate. In the first six months of the project 1228 children under 15 years of age benefited directly receiving medical and psychosocial support. In the second phase medical support was provided to 1058 cases and psychological support to 1148 cases during visits to 94 locations, most of which were schools. General support and activities were provided to 4681 children. The increased number of beneficiaries in the second phase is due to the project moving to Aleppo, a very densely populated city in comparison the more sparsely populated villages in the first phase.

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