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Mangrove Reforestation in Madagascar

Eden Project Planting

Target: US$12,00 – Reached!

In late 2016 an appeal was put out to raise funds for 2 boats and 3 outrigger canoes for a mangrove reforestation programme in Madagascar. Eden Projects employs hundreds of people to plant trees. Their driver, Dina, makes a perilous journey every month to distribute wages and seeds to the reforestation areas, it should take 3 days but it can sometimes take 3 weeks! The acquisition of a boat would cut the journey down to 6 hours and make it considerably safer. When Noble Caledonia Charitable Trust was made aware of this project the first thought was “we do boats – we can help!”

Fundraising for boats began on the MS Island Sky Indian Ocean season. The target was ambitious at $12 000 but it’s a project NCCT believed in on many levels. The passengers of the voyage “Madagascar & Beyond” of January 2017 raised nearly $4 000, and that figure was doubled to nearly $8 000 by the following voyage “Wonders & Wildlife of the Indian Ocean” (January 2017). The Expedition Team on board were not be left out and they raised $1 000 themselves throughout the season among the staff. Captain’s Choice chartered the vessel with some stops in Madagascar and donated $2 000 to the cause and NCCT have committed to make up the shortfall to reach the target of $12 000.

The reforestation work by Eden is incredible; mangrove reforestation at a rate of 1.4 million trees a month. It involves the community on a job creation level, but more than that – mangroves provide protection, food and wood for decades or centuries to come. Mangroves are a highly resilient and useful wood for building boats and houses, but left intact they are even more useful. A mangrove forest protects the land as a buffer from storm surf and cyclones, and it protects the seagrass and coral reefs beyond them from run-off from the land (mud, pollution, effluent), the corals in turn provide fisheries and additional protection from surf. Finally mangroves are an important nursery for many species including valuable eating fish. Removing the mangroves puts houses, coral reefs and fisheries at risk. Reforestation can provide the natural balance needed for infinite years of protection and good fishing. It’s a project that keeps on giving and maintains itself.

NCCT is very proud to be involved in this project. The amazing generosity of the passengers of the MS Island Sky who were had the joy and intrigue of visiting the incredible island of Madagascar, were also able to give something back that could have far reaching consequences.

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