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Wildlife and Natural World

Ray Hale

Ray Hale is a wildlife lecturer, author, photographer and naturalist who is passionate about reconnecting people with nature and the conservation of the world’s endangered species.  Although he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of wildlife in general, his main field of study has always been centred around arachnids and he is a recognised world authority on the large so called “bird eating tarantulas” as well as on the large number of species of spiders of the United Kingdom. He belongs to a number of organisations including the British Arachnological Society and is a Council member of the British Tarantula Society. He leads groups of naturalists, researchers and eco-tourists into the rainforests of Borneo, where he has been invited to lecture on Malaysian wildlife in Sabah, and also gives lectures in the United Kingdom. His subjects include Rainforest Conservation, Saving Endangered Species, The History of Sabah, Rajah Brooke and the Head Hunters of Borneo.