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Olga Stone

Olga Stone

Olga Stone is one of the most versatile presenters on a lecturing circuit, combining her skills as concert pianist, historian, art historian and classicist to make her talks entertaining, lively, educating and unusual.


She was born in the Crimea, now Russia. She attended the Crimean Musical College, and then the Conservatoire in Odessa, and graduated with top marks in piano, piano accompaniment and the teaching of music. After leaving the Conservatoire she embarked on a career as a professional pianist and accompanist and performed in Moscow, Minsk, Kiev and other cities of the former Soviet Union. Olga worked as accompanist in the Odessa Opera Theatre and the Odessa Operetta Theatre, Later she was a soloist in the Crimean Philharmonic Society. She has made many appearances on Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian TV. She moved to the Isle of Man in 1998 and continued her music studies at Trinity College (London), being awarded FTCL in Piano Performance, ATCL in Organ Performance and AMusTCL in music theory. Olga was an official accompanist for the International Tertis Viola Competition, and also accompanied the Ballet Rambert and the National Symphony Orchestra during their visits to the Isle of Man.

Olga has performed in various venues around the world – in the UK and Europe, in South America, the USA and even on the island of St. Helena, as well as on board a large number of cruise ships for different companies. She has been a guest of Cape Town Classical Music programme, Manx Radio, Radio Belarus, Danish Radio Klassisk and BBC ‘Songs of Praise’. Olga also is Principal Organist at St. Andrew's Church, Isle of Man.

Apart from degrees in music, Olga has PhD in Classics and BA in Arts History. She is a Head of Classics at King William’s College on the Isle of Man, and teaches Latin and Russian at the Isle of Man College. Olga is also part -time Arts History lecturer for the University of Liverpool and a History tutor for the University of Chester.

She has a wide range of lectures on all aspects of classical music, on European history covering the period from Classical times to World War I, and on European art from Classical period through Early Renaissance to Late Romanticism. Olga illustrates her talks with extensive PowerPoint presentations and often includes extracts from literature, poetry and piano pieces, playing herself, to emphasize the atmosphere of a period.

Olga has travelled widely in Europe, the Caribbean, and North, Central and South America, both playing concerts and giving lectures and also touring the world with her husband, Dr Ian Stone. She has first-hand knowledge of the Baltic, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Islands and the Caribbean.

Olga’s training in Classics, history, art and music gives to her lectures and concerts a unique blend of creativity as well as deep insight into a subject.

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