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Ludmilla Selezneva

Professor Ludmilla is a graduate with honours from Rostov State University and received her first doctorate there, in history, in 1982. She attained her second doctorate in 1996 from the Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow. Since 2001, Ludmilla Selezneva has worked as a professor of history and politics at the University of the Humanitarian Education in Moscow.

Professor Selezneva has published more than 50 articles and authored or co-authored 10 books. She is a well-recognised authority on 20th century Russia, the Russian political movements and parties, and the modern political history. Speaking tours have taken her universities, schools, and business conferences, local communities in UK (London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Edinburgh.), USA, Canada, Netherlands, France, and Austria.

Ludmilla Selezneva is on the following tours: