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Janette Merilion
Garden themed tour

Janette Merilion

Janette Merilion is a well known horticultural lecturer and historian with a successful garden design business based in central Lincolnshire. After a career in marketing on the south coast of England, she returned to her roots, attending De Montfort University to study horticulture and garden design. Janette has had a love affair with plants all of her life. She is a talented, innovative designer, who not only provides inspiration and practical advice, but is now making a considerable name for herself as a professional speaker.

Over many years Janette has built up a comprehensive knowledge of gardening past and present. Much of this is shared with the growing number of people who attend her presentations throughout the country.

Janette's garden and horticultural experience includes: Radio broadcasts for the BBC, a series of garden makeovers for Yorkshire Television and lecturing on garden design and garden history for various education authorities.