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Elena Myasoedova

Elena Myasoedova

Elena Myasoedova was born and raised in the ancient city of Novgorod in Russia. She was educated in Moscow where she majored in history, foreign languages and literature; apart from Russian she speaks English and German. More recently, she has lived and worked in the city of Sochi on the Black sea coast of Russia as a Shore Excursion Director for a shore excursion company, Sochi Holidays.

For the past 7 years she has worked as a Tour Manager and a Lecturer on small cruise ships. Her field of historical expertise covers the 19th, 20th century and present day Russia. She is familiar with all ports of call in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, the Black and the Baltic seas. Elena and her husband currently live in San Diego, California. She regularly travels to Russia and Turkey spending a lot of time with her two daughters and grandson.