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Colin McEwan

Dr Colin McEwan

Dr. Colin McEwan is Director of Pre-Columbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington DC and formerly Head of the Americas Section at the British Museum. He specializes in the art and archaeology of the Pre-Columbian Americas and has carried out fieldwork in diverse settings including the Andean Highlands of Peru, Colombian Amazonas, coastal Ecuador and Patagonia.  At the British Museum he authored or co-edited exhibition publications on Mexico (1994); ‘Patagonia (1997), ‘Pre-Columbian Gold’ (2000), ‘Unknown Amazon’ (2001), ‘Turquoise Mosaics’ (2006), the Caribbean (2008); ‘Ancient American Art’ (2009); ‘Moctezuma’ (2009); ‘Turquoise’ (2012); ‘Inca Sacred Space’ (2014); and a definitive catalogue ‘Pre-Columbian Art from Central America and Colombia’ (in press 2019). He is particularly interested in reconstructing and interpreting the roles that objects play in prehistoric cultural landscapes.