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Christopher Naunton

Dr Chris Naunton

Dr Chris Naunton is an Egyptologist currently working on a freelance basis as a writer, broadcaster and public speaker. His book, Search for the Missing Tombs of Egypt. is due for publication in 2018.  Chris frequently appears on television and radio as an expert on ancient Egypt, notably as the presenter of documentaries about the archaeologist Flinders Petrie (The Man who Discovered Egypt, BBC4) and new research into the mummy of Tutankhamun (The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy, Channel 4). A former Director of the Egypt Exploration Society, he is currently Director of the Robert Anderson Trust and President of the International Association of Egyptologists.  Chris has visited Egypt more than thirty times -  including archaeological projects in Abydos and Luxor - and passionately believes that there is no better way of sharing what he has learned about the country than by experiencing the sites and monuments in person; he looks forward to revisiting the ‘Ancient Wonders of the Nile’.