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Alexandra Edwards -  Guest Speaker
Wildlife and Natural World

Alexandra Edwards

Alexandra Edwards has been carrying out archaeological fieldwork and ethnographic studies in Rapa Nui (a.k.a. Easter Island) and French Polynesia for the past 12 years. She presently resides in Rapa Nui where she has worked extensively for the Eastern Pacific Research Foundation. She recently participated in an Explorer’s Club Flag Expedition to Raivavae, one of French Polynesia’s most remote islands. Originally a film major from Wesleyan University she has worked on three documentaries about Easter Island, Raivavae, and the Society and Marquesas Islands.

She has a special interest in the religion and oral traditions of the Ancient Polynesians and the unique ways traditionally Polynesian concepts manifest themselves differently in the various islands, a legacy she inherited from her father, Edmundo Edwards, one of the major experts on Rapa Nui and Eastern Polynesian history and culture.