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Colin Munro
Wildlife and Natural World

Colin Munro

Colin is a freelance marine biologist and photographer, with a strong interest in underwater photography.  Originally from the north of Scotland, he now lives in Southwest England.

As a marine biologist he has specialised in diving and camera surveys of the seabed, in particular he has worked on the monitoring of marine protected areas in temperate waters.  His work has taken him from the sea lochs of Scotland to the seagrass beds off Libya and deep water reefs of the Persian Gulf.  He has been a professional SCUBA diver for over 30 years, first starting as military diver in the rivers of Germany.  This was by a brief stints as a salvage diver in East Africa and diving instructor, before his passion for ocean life lead him back to university and a career as a diving biologist.  When not diving or driving zodiacs Colin spends his time restoring his own wooden sail boat or tinkering with old motorbikes.