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Brent Pikolas

Brent Pikolas

Brent joins the Expedition team after nearly two decades of exploring wild Alaska as a guide, naturalist and captain.  In recent years, he has been able to take those explorations to the Southern Hemisphere on trips to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. He currently calls Seward, Alaska home, where he is the Lead Captain of a fleet of passenger vessels focused on wildlife and glacier tours.  He has a degree in Environmental Education from Prescott College, which led him to countless days in the field all throughout the Western US, Mexico, Canada and Nepal. Brent is extremely passionate about the natural world and loves to share his in-depth knowledge whenever he can.  When he is not sailing, kayaking and fishing around Coastal Alaska, you can most commonly find Brent surfing on the coast of El Salvador in the winter. 

Brent Pikolas is on the following tours: