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Commodore Loyalty Club

Noble Caledonia has, over the years, built up a strong following of clients who travel with us regularly. We are now finding that a number of clients have taken over ten holidays with us. Therefore, we have extended the Commodore Club to acknowledge the wonderful support we have received. Below you will find some of the advantages of membership together with the limited joining qualifications.

Membership Entitlements

• 5% discount off the regular price payable for the basic advertised holiday (after the deduction of any other applicable discounts or promotions). Please note that this discount applies to the Commodore Club members only and not to any non-members travelling with you. The discount is not applicable to any ‘additional extras’ such as flight upgrades, holiday extensions, etc. Please note that the Commodore Club membership entitlements are not applicable on a small number of holidays that we operate. Please also note that prices shown in offers made specifically to Commodore Club members will already be inclusive of the ‘standard’ 5% discount and will not, therefore, be further discountable.
• A lower deposit of just 5% in place of the usual 10%.
• Regular mailings of late offers and promotions.
• Preview information on selected forthcoming tours and cruises prior to general publication.

Qualifications for Membership

• To become a member you must have travelled on a previous Noble Caledonia holiday.
• Bookings have to be made directly with us (not via a travel agent).
• Bookings made prior to membership, do not qualify for a discount.

How to Join

• Please print off and complete the form below and return it to us. Upon receipt you will then be issued with a letter confirming membership.


• Once a member, all bookings have to be made directly with Noble Caledonia Ltd in order to benefit from the Commodore Club discount and offers (and not via a travel agent).
• Any bookings made prior to membership do not qualify for the discount.

If you are not already a member, we hope that you will take this opportunity to join the Commodore Club.

Commodore Club Membership Application Form