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Sea Cloud

Sea Cloud was originally commissioned by the tycoon E.F.Hutton for his wife, the heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, in the late 1920’s. At the time, and even today, she is one of the finest and most opulent sailing ships in the world. The Huttons set out to create an incomparably luxurious vessel and succeeded beyond imagination. Accustomed to the very finest things in life, Marjorie Merriweather Post undertook the interior design of the ship with a relish that resulted in the most sumptuous of fittings with interiors panelled in carved oak, fitted with Italian marble and elegantly furnished with antiques. To this day Sea Cloud still exudes the same timeless elegance, combining extravagance with a friendly charm and the thrill of an authentic windjammer experience. With carefully restored original cabins, golden taps and magnificent marble fireplaces, this yacht simply is, and remains, the most beautiful, legendary windjammer of all time. You will sail with just 60 fellow guests and once under way, Sea Cloud provides an experience no conventional cruise ship can possibly emulate. 

  • Sea Cloud
    Sea Cloud
  • Sea Cloud Restaurant
    Sea Cloud Restaurant
  • Sea Cloud Lounge
    Sea Cloud Lounge
  • Sea Cloud Lido Deck
    Sea Cloud Lido Deck
  • Sea Cloud Category B Cabin
    Sea Cloud Category B Cabin
  • Sea Cloud Category A Cabin
    Sea Cloud Category A Cabin
  • Sea Cloud Category A Cabin
    Sea Cloud Category A Cabin
  • Your Cabin / Suite

    All the cabins onboard Sea Cloud have their own, unique charm. If you want a stylishly elegant, cosy and modern cabin, then your best option would be one of the 18 outer cabins on the lido or promenade decks; these modern cabins have been seamlessly integrated into the ship. Perhaps the most maritime cabins are the four former officers’ cabins, which have been carefully restored. These cabins feature a pair of bunks and a door which leads straight out onto the covered section of the promenade deck. On the main deck you will find the remarkable original cabins. Among these are the two famous suites which were once occupied by the ship’s owners. 

  • Your Space

    Selected picture books, high-quality literature, popular board games and a writing desk with a laptop can all be found in the cosy lounge on the promenade deck. Next door is the oak-panelled restaurant, used as a salon by the first owner’s of the vessel. Just like on a private yacht, you can sit down to dine at the beautiful long tables and, of course, you can choose any place to sit.

    If the weather is fine, you might like to sit on the lido deck at lunch time. The tasty snacks served at the buffet in the open air will both whet and satisfy your appetite. At certain times, the onboard pianist will provide pleasant background music to your conversations. The lido bar is a cosy place to wind down the evening. Quite befitting for any traditional sailing ship, the atmosphere can also get rather vibrant when the Crew Shanty Choir makes an appearance.

    Not only is the promenade deck a quick route from one end of the ship to the other; in good weather, you will also find some very tasty refreshments there. The coffee, tea and light snacks are ideal for those who rise early, but also to provide sustenance in the afternoon between meals. Just imagine a freshly made waffle with ice cream under the white sails of a ship - that really is pure paradise!

    Excellent views of the sea and the 30 majestic sails can of course be enjoyed from the bridge, where a range of historic nautical instruments almost conceal the modern technology. Operational circumstances permitting, the officers on the bridge will also be happy to answer questions about “their” sailing ship.

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