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Royal Eleganza

This beautifully crafted vessel was built in 2012 specifically for sailing the Dalmatian Coast. Accommodating just 31 guests, we believe she is perfect vessel for exploring the more remote regions of Croatia.The Sun deck, with its comfortable sun loungers, is the perfect place to watch the passing scenery. Dining onboard is a casual affair featuring locally sourced fresh food including fresh fish. There is a team of seven friendly Croatian crew members onboard who speak fluent English and whose service will enrich your overall enjoyment of small ship cruising on the Adriatic coast.

  • Royal Eleganza
  • Royal Eleganza Sun Deck
    Royal Eleganza Sun Deck
  • Royal Eleganza Bar
    Royal Eleganza Bar
  • Royal Eleganza Category 2 Main Deck Twin
    Royal Eleganza Category 2 Main Deck Twin
  • Royal Eleganza Category 2 Main Deck Double
    Royal Eleganza Category 2 Main Deck Double
  • Category 3 Main Upper Deck Master Double
    Category 3 Main Upper Deck Master Double
  • Royal Eleganza  Wheelhouse
    Royal Eleganza Wheelhouse
  • Upper Deck Seating Area
    Upper Deck Seating Area
  • Restaurant
  • Your Cabin/Suite

    The 16 cabins are each equipped with a safe, air conditioning/heating, hair dryer and a flat screen TV. Each cabin also has an en-suite bathroom with shower.

  • Your Space

    If you prefer a peaceful life at sea and an atmosphere more akin to a private yacht then you need look no further than this charming vessel. She features a spacious Sun deck with comfortable sun loungers : the perfect place for watching the passing scenery. For your convenience there is also complimentary Wi-Fi internet connection onboard.

  • Your Dining

    Dining onboard is a casual affair with lunch and dinner featuring locally sourced fresh food including fresh fish.

  • Life Onboard

    If a relaxed and informal atmosphere are at the top of your priorities, the Royal Eleganza is the perfect choice of vessel to cruise the Croatian coast. With a maximum of 31 passengers, the mood is intimate, and what better way to enjoy the views of magnificent islands and cities, than sitting on the sun deck watching the world pass slowly by. Part of the joy of a cruise aboard such a vessel is its capability to dock in small ports or drop anchor in any suitable spot, unlike the large ships which can only dock in the larger ports with all the supporting infrastructure necessary to service the vessels. Our trips ashore will be a pleasure as we explore with local guides.

  • For your comfort

    There is a team of seven friendly Croatian crew members onboard who speak fluent English and whose service will enrich your overall enjoyment of small ship cruising on the Adriatic coast.

  • Ship Directory


    Please find below details pertaining to the vessel or click on the booklet to download.

    We are delighted to once again have chartered the Royal Eleganza for our coastal cruises in Croatia. This beautifully crafted vessel was built in 2012 specifically for sailing the Dalmatian Coast and we believe she is perfect for exploring the more remote regions of Croatia.

    Royal Eleganza carries 31 passengers. The Sun deck, with its comfortable sun loungers, is the perfect place to watch the passing scenery. Dining onboard is a casual affair featuring locally sourced fresh food including fresh fish. There is a team of seven friendly Croatian crew members onboard who speak fluent English and whose service will enrich your overall enjoyment of small ship cruising on the Adriatic coast. In addition you will be joined by a Noble Caledonia Cruise Director.

    We hope this information booklet answers any questions you may have pertaining to the vessel and wish you a pleasant voyage. 


    Every cabin is air-conditioned and the air-conditioning unit is situated under the bed. Since there can be large differences between the outside and onboard temperature (especially in the hot summer months of June/July/August), please do not set the cabin temperature below 20 degrees celsius as this can result in condensation collecting under the bed. This particularly affects cabins on the Upper Deck. The temperature controls are immediately adjacent to the cabin door. The fan speeds can be individually regulated – 1 being the lowest setting and 3 the highest speed. The restaurant is also air conditioned.


    Our planned schedule may have to be changed at short notice due to weather conditions, technical reasons or decisions by the local harbour masters. Should there be any alterations the Captain or Cruise Director will inform you of any changes.


    The 18 cabins are equipped with air conditioning/heating, a wardrobe, desk and chair, drawers, a flat screen television with built in DVD player, a hair dryer, and a safe. Lower Deck cabins have small portholes that open: please note that due to safety reasons, portholes on the Lower deck must remain closed when the ship is sailing. Main Deck cabins have windows that partially open, and the Upper Deck cabin has a door with a glass panel and a window that opens. The cabins have fixed beds and the configuration cannot be changed. An emergency call button is in all cabins. There is also a loudspeaker in the ceiling which is used to convey important announcements. The volume can be changed using the control button. Each cabin also has an en-suite bathroom with shampoo /shower gel dispenser. Please note that the movement of the ship can cause small amounts of water to collect on your bathroom floor and that bathrobes and slippers are not provided. Cruise Director Throughout your cruise you will be accompanied by your Noble Caledonia


    who will be happy to assist you with any queries or requests.


    A Daily Programme, detailing the following day’s arrangements as well as any specific information about the day’s activities is produced onboard and delivered to your cabin each evening. 


    Meals on board are either buffet style or served to tables, in one sitting with an open seating arrangement. Dining on board is a casual affair featuring locally sourced fresh food. Fish and shellfish feature regularly on the lunch and dinner menus so if you do not, or cannot, eat these, please advise Noble Caledonia (in writing) in advance, and reconfirm with your Cruise Director on board. Please be advised that as there is not a choice at meal times it is imperative that should you have any special dietary requests, you advise Noble Caledonia (in writing) in advance and we recommend that you also reconfirm with your Cruise Director once onboard. Please advise if you do not eat red meat or are vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, low salt, or low cholesterol, as well as if you have any allergies/food intolerances. We regret that the ship is unable to guarantee special requests and is not equipped to prepare or serve kosher or halal cuisine.

    Complimentary self-service tea and coffee, with fruit and biscuits, are available in the restaurant 24 hours a day. House wine, beer and soft drinks are included with lunch and dinner onboard. Bar drinks and other beverages with meals are not included.

    On nights when you are free to dine independently ashore, if you instead wish to stay on board for dinner, this is possible at a rate of €25 per person each time, which will be added to your on-board account. 24 hours advance notice is required.


    The ship does not have facilities for disabled or wheelchair dependent passengers. The stairs linking the Main Deck and Upper Deck, and down to the Lower deck cabins are very steep. There is no lift or chair lift on board.


    Your Cruise Director will provide you with disembarkation information prior to the end of your cruise.


    There is not a doctor on board. Should you be in need of medical assistance, please contact a member of the crew who are first aid trained, or your Cruise Director. In case of an emergency during the night please use the emergency call button in your cabin. Because the ship sails close to the shore, medical personnel can be summoned aboard quickly. Passengers requiring special medication are advised to bring a supply with them. Should you need to restock your medication, please advise your Cruise Director or a member of the crew as soon as possible as pharmacy opening hours in Croatia are restricted.


    On board the emphasis is on comfortable and casual clothing at all times. The dress code is very informal. You may like to wear smart casual clothing for the welcome and farewell dinners, and when dining ashore. Please note that no ties or jackets for the gentlemen, and no formal dresses for the ladies are required.


    The cabins feature 220 volt current, with sockets accepting 2 round-pin (European style) sockets. There are no sockets in the bathrooms. We recommend taking a universal adaptor.


    In the unlikely event of an emergency you will be informed by a loudspeaker announcement. We ask you to collect your life jacket from the cabin, proceed to the marked Muster Station on the Upper Deck and to follow instructions given by the Captain or crew members.


    Should an emergency arise whilst you are ashore you can contact the ship on this number: 00385 95 940 64 41


    We have an emergency first aid kit on board. If you require any item please contact your Cruise Director or a member of the crew. All crew are trained in First Aid. 


    Passengers Ashore Tally Board: There is a tally board on the gangway. Please move the button from “IN” to “OUT” when you go ashore, and move it back on return. If only one passenger of a cabin of two is going out, please move the button into an intermediate position.

    Shore Excursions: Please be on time for the organised excursions, so as not to keep others waiting. All shore excursions are included in your holiday price. If you do not wish to participate in an excursion, please let your Cruise Director know.

    Going Ashore Individually: When you go ashore individually, please be back on board at least 15 minutes before the advertised departure time of the ship. Please do not leave valuables in public areas, and please remember to lock your cabin. We kindly ask that you return to the ship no later than 23:00 after which the outside doors of the ship will be locked. If you plan to stay out longer, please let your Cruise Director know.

    Meals ashore: Please ask your Cruise Director for a list of recommended restaurants. If you should find a restaurant that was not mentioned and you liked it, please let your Cruise Director know for the benefit of future passengers. Whilst most restaurants accept major credit and debit cards, we recommend you check before ordering.


    Gratuities to crew and whilst on excursions are included in the cost of your holiday.


    The ship offers a free Wi-Fi connection in the public areas, but not in the cabins. Please ask your Cruise Director or a member of the crew for the Wi-Fi Code. Depending on the ship’s location, there may be times when the connection is very slow or is disrupted and the same level of connectivity that you enjoy at home cannot be expected onboard.


    All members of the crew speak English.


    Due to the size of the ship there is no laundry service onboard.


    Your life jacket can be found in your cabin. Please do not remove the life jackets from this location.


    The ship carries a life raft which is certified for 44 persons.


    Before you disembark the ship, please check your cabin to ensure you do not leave anything behind. If you discover you have left any items behind, please contact Noble Caledonia within 7 days of disembarking. If we are able to recover your item(s) we will contact you to arrange delivery or collection, and any costs incurred will be at your own expense.


    Onboard: A “cashless” system is operated on board and any purchases will be charged to your cabin account. Bar prices are displayed in Euros, but the final account can be settled in Croatian Kuna, Euros or British Pounds, at the end of your cruise. Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are accepted onboard, but these incur a surcharge of up to 4%. Personal cheques and Travellers’ Cheques are not accepted. Ashore: Please note that the currency in Croatia is the Croatian Kuna. Most major credit cards are accepted, but please check before making your purchase in shops, or ordering your meal or drinks in restaurants and bars.


    Restaurant: Please feel free to use the restaurant out of meal times. The bar is located in the corner and is open daily from 08.00 to 24.00. The tea/coffee station is located towards the far end. There is a small library of books, games and DVDs. There are also two toilets in this area. Upper Deck Seating Area: This is a shaded area outside the restaurant with casual seating and some tables. Sun Deck: This area is accessed by steep stairs from the Upper Deck seating area. There are several sun loungers, casual seating and some tables. Please note that not all of this area is shaded.


    Your comments are important to us therefore before your cruise ends, you will receive a questionnaire. We are always looking for ways to improve your holiday and in order to do this we need some feedback from our guests. Kindly hand your completed questionnaire in to your Cruise Director.


    During our excursions, we use a whisper system called Quietvox. In your cabin there is a charging station with two devices and two sets of earpieces. Please keep your devices in the charging station (and the station plugged in) whilst you are not on an excursion. Bring the sets with you on excursions as your guides with speak to you through their microphone. The use of the equipment will be explained before the first excursion starts.


    There is a safe in every cabin located in the wardrobe, together with instructions. We recommend that you leave money and other valuables in the safe. Kindly remember to remove all items from the safe before disembarking the ship at the end of your cruise. Please note that the safe is not fireproof and neither the ship, nor Noble Caledonia, are responsible for any valuables left in the cabins.


    The safety briefing will take place prior to sailing. All guests must attend this compulsory and important exercise. Please listen for the announcements.


    Please use the hand sanitizer opposite the bar.


    At busy times during the season there may not be enough berths immediately adjacent to the pier. It will then be necessary to berth two or more vessels side by side, allowing passengers to pass through the neighbouring ship(s) to go ashore. This requires special care, as ships are not allowed to have a permanent gangway between them. Views from cabins may therefore also be restricted.


    Smoking is restricted to the designated open areas only. Smoking is prohibited in all other areas including cabins and the restaurant.


    If the itinerary and weather conditions permit, there may be opportunities to swim from the ship, or from local beaches.


    There is a television in each cabin. TV reception depends on the satellite dish and on occasion it may not be possible to receive a signal


    Please do not put anything into the toilet except toilet paper.


    Towels will be changed once in the middle of your cruise. Should you need new towels earlier, please let the housekeeper know. Please do not use the bathroom towels on the beach. A separate towel for swimming will be provided.


    The tap water in your cabin is not potable. Complimentary bottles of mineral water will be placed in your cabin daily and near reception before an excursion. 

    Please Note:

    The above information is accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Noble Caledonia accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions and none of the facilities or features of the vessel described herein which are not specifically described in our advertisements and on your holiday invoice as being included in your holiday price will be deemed to be included in your holiday package. If you would like further information about the vessel or about any of your holiday arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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