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50 Years of Victory

The “50 Years of Victory” was built in 2007 and is the largest and most modern nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world. She is a new generation ship, an upgrade of the Arktika-class. Accommodating a maximum of 128 guests and carrying the highest ice class possible (LL1), she is one of the only ships that can undertake a voyage to the North Pole. With 74,000 horsepower generated by two nuclear reactors, the vessel can crush ice up to three metres thick and is the world’s largest and most sophisticated nuclear-powered icebreaker. The 50 Years of Victory is the property of the Russian Federation and has received maritime registration under the name 50 LET POBEDY.

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  • 50 Years of Victory
  • Victory Suite
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  • Your Cabin / Suite

    The icebreaker features 64 cabins and suites. All the cabins and suites afford outside views (opening windows), private facilities with bathtub or shower. Most of the suites have two rooms. Minimum cabin area is 14 sq.metres (151 sq.ft.); maximum is 33 sq.metres (355 sq.ft.). Cabins are spread over four decks and all have an exterior view with windows that open and en-suite facilities. All cabins have a TV & DVD player.

    Standard Twin (44 cabins): 1 lower berth, 1 sofa bed, private facilities with a shower, TV set and DVD player, opening windows.

    Mini suite (6 cabins): Sitting area with sofa bed, sleeping bed separated from the sitting area, private facilities with a shower, TV set and DVD player, refrigerator, opening windows.

    Suite (6 cabins): Bedroom and sitting area, sofa bed in sitting room, private facilities with a shower, refrigerator, TV set and DVD player, opening windows.

    Victory Suite (1 cabin): Large bedroom and sitting room, sofa bed in sitting room, private facilities with a bathtub, refrigerator, TV set and DVD player, opening windows.

    Arktika Suite (5 cabins): Very spacious bedroom and sitting room, sofa bed in sitting room, private facilities with a bathtub, refrigerator, TV set and DVD player, coffee maker, opening windows.

  • Your Space

    Public areas include the dining room where seating is unreserved, the aft Saloon for lectures, presentations and socialising, the bar and lounge with front view to the bow of the ship, library and lounge, gym, two saunas and a swimming pool with heated sea water. There is also a clinic with a licensed doctor. A lift serves all decks and the Navigation Bridge is open for visiting. One of the highlights of the North Pole voyage aboard the “50 Years of Victory” is a tour to the engine room where travellers can learn all about the unique icebreaking capabilities of the “Victory” and how pack ice is negotiated.

  • Your Dining

    The dining room is spacious, has free seating and meals are served to your table with a variety of international cuisine prepared by qualified chefs. All cruises include full board in the single sitting restaurant. Breakfast is provided buffet style; lunch and dinner are a mix of buffet with choice of soup and entrées and served dishes with choice of meat, fish or vegetarian. Afternoon tea is also provided daily with a choice of cakes. Coffee, tea and cocoa are available at coffee station 24/7. Among the specials are polar barbecues on open deck and on ice.

  • Life Onboard

    With a crew of 140 and accommodating a maximum of 128 guests, this comfortable vessel has a friendly, casual atmosphere with the focus on the expeditionary nature of the voyage. An expedition cruise to the North Pole is an eventful one, and not only because every expedition day offers intense exploration of the Arctic. In the 24-hour-daylight at the peak of Arctic mid-summer, you will try to stay awake as long as possible seeking to spot another polar bear, or observing 75,000 horsepower icebreaker crushing multi-year ice layers three metres thick or socialising with new friends in the ship’s bar or lounge.

    Your “typical” expedition cruise day begins with a friendly wake-up call and breakfast. You will already know the plans for the day ahead as each evening there is a briefing. There might be a lecture or a talk by one of the onboard experts in the morning, or you might have a chance to relax and enjoy the stunning surrounding views. Then there comes the call to get ready for the first Zodiac or helicopter landing, and the day begins.

    Evenings are for relaxing; a calm time to curl up with a good book, chats with friends at the bar, watch a movie or relax in a sauna with heated sea water. But, if you haven’t had your fill from the day’s activities, there are some scheduled alternatives. There may be a lecture in the auditorium, or, of course, you can always spend a few more hours on the deck or Bridge looking at the wild Arctic landscapes as the ship sails by.

    An important part of our voyage is devoted to the lectures delivered by noted naturalists, scientists and experienced Polar explorers. Documentaries, feature films and slide shows are presented.

    Among the features are:

    • A spoon-shaped bow designed for greater icebreaking ability;
    • An automated, digitalized control system;
    • The most up-to-date nuclear safeguards and protection systems.

    “50 Years of Victory” is not a tourist ship. The main task of the icebreaker is to pilot scientific and cargo ships to hard-to-reach areas of the Arctic and along the Northeast Passage. It is only in summer when adventurers get a unique chance to travel aboard a real working icebreaker.


  • For your comfort

    Day to day activities are planned carefully to make the most of weather conditions and wildlife sightings. The aim is for you to experience as much of the Arctic as possible and of course as safely as possible. Landings are carried out by helicopter and the Zodiacs are used to cruise the coast of Franz Josef Land to get close to wildlife. The qualified Expedition Staff, the experienced Captain and the Crew will do everything to make your voyage safe and unforgettable. There is also a clinic onboard with a licensed doctor. The icebreaker is equipped with the most up–to–date satellite navigation system and communication equipment. (Inmarsat and Irridium).

  • Vessel Technical details

    Length: 160m (525 feet)

    Breadth: 30m (98 feet)

    Draft: 11m (36 feet)

    Power plant: 2 nuclear reactors, two steam turbines rotating six generators

    Total capacity: 75,000 hp

    Cruising speed: 21 knots

    Maximum fuel storage: 4 years

    Crew: 140

    Passengers: 128

    Registry: Russia

  • Ship Directory
    The booklet below contains some further details pertaining to the vessel.
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