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Thurgau Exotic II

This charming river vessel is built in colonial style, elegantly designed with the ambience of a bygone era and furnished with local hardwoods, quality furniture and typical artwork. The atmosphere onboard is informal and friendly, promising you a comfortable exploration of a magical area of the world. The RV Thurgau Exotic II was built in 2011 and accommodates just 28 passengers in 15 cabins.

  • Thurgau Exotic II
    Thurgau Exotic II
  • Library/Shop
  • Sun Deck
    Sun Deck
  • Restaurant
  • Single Cabin
  • Grand Suite
    Grand Suite
  • Restaurant
  • Life Onboard

    The atmosphere onboard is informal and whether you are relaxing on the Sun deck taking in your surroundings, engaging with the tour manager regarding the culture and nature of this fascinating region or perhaps enjoying a delicious meal in the onboard restaurant, you will be surrounded by friendly staff and like-minded travellers throughout your journey. It is the personal touches that make a cruise aboard one of these vessels so memorable, such as staff waiting with a welcome drink and cold towel after every excursion, water always being available no matter what time of day and there are often extra ‘surprises’ on excursions – perhaps a special cocktail is served on a boat trip, a barbecue is served ashore or a local dance group entertain you. Throughout your cruise, staff are friendly and willing to help with any request. They often put on cooking demonstrations or other cultural presentations to add to your understanding of this fascinating country.

  • Your Cabin / Suite

    Accommodation onboard offers spacious and luxuriously appointed cabins more akin to a colonial boutique hotel than a river vessel. Cabins are spread over two decks and open out on to the promenade providing fantastic views of the passing landscapes. The single cabins are equipped with a glass sliding door and the twin cabins have open-able windows and a glass sliding door. The cabins on the Upper deck are all double and the Grand suites are situated at the front of the vessels and feature open plan spacious living areas. They also feature a private balcony for undisturbed privacy. The suites feature an open plan area which extends the whole width of the ship. All cabins have individual air-conditioning and en suite facilities, a minisafe, wardrobe, writing desk, hair dryer, bathrobe and slippers.

  • Your Space

    The sun deck is equipped with comfortable reclining chairs and seats, as well as a self service tea and coffee counter and a bar from where you can watch the world go by, passing amazing and ever changing landscapes. The single seating restaurant affords panoramic views and is fashioned in wooden furnishings and traditional artwork. The covered observation area is open to the river breeze so you can take in stunning landscapes away from the daytime sun. There is also a library onboard with a small selection of English books. There is a small boutique on board with a collection of locally made handicrafts, souvenirs, post cards, stamps as well as a limited selection of toiletries.

  • For your comfort

    The dedicated crew are onboard to ensure you have an enjoyable, comfortable and safe exploration of the Irrawaddy River and are on hand to offer assistance throughout your journey. There are no elevators or chair lifts aboard and most shore excursions involve some walking and some excursions are walking tours only. Because of the varying nature of the riverbank, the method of getting ashore may differ from time to time and on occasions access may be difficult. Staff will ensure the gangways are safe and that the crew and team are on hand to assist you.

  • Your Dining

    The dining room is spacious and seats all passengers in a single open seating arrangement. Breakfast is served buffet style, whereas lunch and dinner are table service and offer a fusion of Asian and western cuisine. Vegetarian dishes are always available and there is a fresh salad bar arranged at lunch time. Complimentary tea and coffee are available from 6am on the sun deck and throughout the day. Mineral water (local) is provided in all cabins daily. Additional bottles are available on request. Drinking water is provided at all meals. Other drinks such as soft drinks, beer, wine and alcoholic drinks are not included in your cruise price but available as an addition.

  • Ship Directory

    Ship Directory

    Please find below further details pertaining to the vessel or click on the booklet to download.

    We are delighted you have chosen the RV Thurgau Exotic II for your upcoming voyage along the Irrawaddy.

    This charming river vessel is built in colonial style, elegantly designed with the ambience of a bygone era and furnished with local hardwoods, quality furniture and typical artwork. The RV Thurgau Exotic II was built in 2011 and accommodates just 28 passengers in 15 cabins. The atmosphere onboard is informal and whether you are relaxing on the Sun Deck taking in your surroundings, engaging with the Tour Manager regarding the culture and nature of this fascinating region or perhaps enjoying a delicious meal in the onboard restaurant, you will be surrounded by friendly staff and like-minded travellers throughout your journey.

    We hope this information booklet answers any questions you may have pertaining to the vessel and wish you a pleasant voyage. 


    All cabins are air-conditioned and can be individually adjusted to your comfort. We do recommend not to under cool your cabin, as the sudden change from the outside temperature to a cool closed space can lead to a cold, respiratory difficulties and even stomach troubles. We recommend to keep air-conditioning on “low cool” when leaving your cabin. At night you might prefer to use the ventilator only or to open the windows. The windows are covered with mosquito nets.


    An alarm will be sounded in the event of an emergency. Please follow the instructions provided onboard for what to do in the event of an emergency.


    The daily programme specifies the ship’s arrival and departure times in the various ports visited each day. When participating in shore excursions, our tour guides will ensure that you return to the ship in time for departure. Should you decide to explore on your own, please return to the ship no later than the


    indicated on that day’s daily programme. It is the sole responsibility of our guests to be aboard in time for the vessel’s departure.


    The ship is equipped with a public announcement system which will be used to call for the start of the excursions and programme modifications. Please note that no information will be transmitted into the cabin.


    Complimentary tea and coffee are available from 6am on the Sun Deck throughout the day. Mineral water (local) is provided in all cabins daily and additional bottles are available on request. Drinking water is provided at all meals. Other drinks such as soft drinks, beer, wine and alcoholic drinks are not included and will be added to your onboard account.


    None onboard.


    No bicycles are available onboard. 


    The ship wants all guests to be as comfortable as possible during their voyage. The housekeeping team will do their best to ensure the highest possible standards of cleanliness and try to make you feel as much at home as possible. Please note that cabins do not have mini bars (except front suite cabins), TVs or phones. All cabins have mini-safe, wardrobe, writing desk and amenities include a hairdryer, bathrobe, slippers and cosmetic products.


    Single cabins measure 10 square meters and feature a bathroom with shower/toilet which is 4m². A sliding door leads to the deck promenade. The twin suites, are approximately 20m², and are divided into a bedroom and a living area. They feature a bathroom with shower/toilet about 4m². The two front suites on the Upper Deck have a spacious living/sleeping area and measure 24m². They feature a bathroom with shower/toilet about 4m². The balconies measure 3m² and offer an undisturbed private atmosphere, the ideal place to enjoy the undisturbed natural beauty.


    The ships professional, English-speaking Cruise Director will look after your comfort and answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact them at any time. A Noble Caledonia Tour Manager will also accompany you on your voyage.


    All bills onboard the ship will be in dollars cash only. Due to continuously bad internet connectivity, the ship is not able to accept credit card payments. The ship does not take personal or traveller’s cheques. We recommend bringing enough cash in US Dollars. Only new dollar bills can be exchanged in Myanmar, torn, dirty or written on dollar bills will not be accepted in most of the places. In the ship’s office you can change a small amount of (US$) in local currency (Kyat). The exchange rate alters daily and usually is around 1000 Kyat for 1 USD.


    The Daily Programme is printed onboard and delivered to your cabin every evening during dinner. It provides details of the following day’s programme, meal times and other activities, as well as interesting and helpful information about your next port of call. 


    During the day onboard and on excursions we recommend casual and comfortable clothing. For the visits of temples and pagodas, both sexes are required to wear knee and shoulder covering clothes. In the evenings men are asked to wear long trousers; however there is no dress code onboard. Slippers are provided for your comfort on board the vessel. When getting ashore, guests should use comfortable but safe walking shoes. At certain times the river banks and paths used can be muddy and therefore slippery or very dusty and we ask you to remove your footwear when returning on board. The ship will clean your shoes and return them to you.


    220 volts two round pin type as found in Continental Europe. The ship will carry adapters for other types of plugs.


    There is no elevator or chairlift available onboard.


    Embarkation is approximately 16.00 hours, unless advised otherwise. The official embarkation time will be advised in your final documentation. The official disembarkation time is between 8:30-09.00 hours, however your Cruise Director will provide detailed information prior to the end of the cruise. This will include departure transfer information.


    The ship is fitted with modern smoke detectors, and fire alarms, extinguishers and hoses. Alarms are situated at regular intervals along the Promenade Decks. Fire extinguishers are located at regular intervals around the Promenade Decks and outside all public rooms. The ship carries first aid equipment and some medicines. All the senior staff have attended First Aid courses. There are private clinics in Mandalay and Yangon and the ship will cooperate with the International SOS medical emergency assistance organisation. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with your closest emergency exit and indicated routes to all Muster Stations. 


    On your cabin door is a deck plan displaying your closest (and all other) emergency exits. Emergency exits are marked in green and fire extinguishers fitted in all corridors. An alarm button is fitted in your cabin should an emergency arise. Should you detect fire or smoke please alert the reception desk immediately and await instructions from the crew.


    A number of crew are fully trained and certified to provide First Aid. Should you require further medical attention, please contact the Hotel Manager or your Cruise Director immediately. Further medical assistance can be sought from one of the hospitals along the river in the event of an emergency. Please note there is no doctor onboard.


    None onboard


    The ship has a small boutique onboard with a collection of locally made handicrafts, souvenirs, postcards, stamps as well as a limited selection of hygiene articles. Outside tourist centres it is difficult to buy post cards and stamps.


    Gratuities have been included in your holiday price, however if you feel that certain individuals deserve a special award, you are of course free to remunerate as you please.


    Each stateroom is equipped with a hairdryer.


    None onboard.


    In the interest of your health, a strict sanitisation protocol is enforced onboard. To assist the ship in this important matter, we kindly ask all guests to consistently use the hand sanitizer when entering the restaurant at all meal times. The hand sanitizer is located at the entrance to the dining room. 


    None onboard


    Your suite will be serviced by your Housekeeping Attendant twice-daily: a morning service and an evening turndown service.


    Please note there is no TV in the cabins


    Each cabin will receive their own cabin key.


    A laundry bag is provided for your laundry needs, and a laundry list is to be found in the rattan folder in your cabin. The laundry is collected each morning when your room is made up and will be returned the same day in the evening or latest after 24 hours. Please leave items in the bag provided and mark up the list and indicate delicate laundry. The charges will be added to your bill in US$. If there is an item that you do not wish ironed please advise staff onboard.


    A small library with books on Myanmar and South East Asia is available in the ship’s office. These books are property of the ship and we kindly request our guests return them to the ship’s office on the main deck after lectures. However, a further library in the bar on the sundeck provides other books from former passengers that can be removed or exchanged with your own books.


    Lost property can be handed to the ship’s reception. Please ensure you have all of your belongings with you before you return home. Should you leave items onboard the ship we are only able to return them at your own cost.


    Breakfast is buffet service, and lunch and dinner will be served. The ship offers a fusion of Asian and western cuisine and there are always vegetarian dishes available. Each day at lunch you can choose from the fresh salad bar. The ship kindly requests you to choose your main course for lunch and dinner the evening before. Please refer to the daily programme regarding meal times. Special dietary requests such as vegetarian, low salt and low cholesterol should be made to Noble Caledonia (in writing) in advance. However, we recommend that you contact the Hotel Manager once on board to reconfirm such requests. We regret that the ship is unable to guarantee special requests and is not equipped to prepare or serve kosher or halal cuisine. Bottled water is used for cooking and food preparation onboard. Off the vessel never accept ice in drinks and avoid ice creams, crushed sugar cane, salads and the skins of fruits.


    External doors and the gauze windows should be kept closed at dusk and night times. At night and early mornings, if on deck or going ashore make sure to rub ankles and other exposed parts with repellent. However, outside urban areas mosquito is less of a problem than other forms of insect life (especially during the cold season from January to March). Make sure to switch off lights when leaving your cabin.


    Newspapers are not available onboard.


    Sometimes it is necessary to make amendments to the itinerary, both for logistical and safety reasons. The Master of the vessel will decide if necessary.


    A questionnaire will be provided to all passengers towards the end of their sailing. We would be grateful for you to complete and return this.


    Please note there is not a main reception area, however the ship’s office is located on the main deck where the ship manager or his assistant will be available from 8am until excursion departure and in the afternoon from 4pm until dinner.


    None onboard.


    All cabins have been fitted with mini-safes for your personal use. Please find instructions on the safe. We recommend placing valuables in the safe whenever you are away from your room. Please remember to remove all items from the safe and leave the safe open before disembarking.


    In accordance with international law, the Captain has full control over the ship and every person onboard must obey his lawful commands. Captains have the authority to take any action deemed necessary to manage situations where guests are verbally or physically disruptive towards any other person onboard or otherwise causing problems during the cruise. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding such disruptions as the safety of our guests, crew and the ship remains our first priority.


    Smoking is only permitted in designated areas on the Sun Deck but please be considerate of not disturbing other passengers. This is a wood-finished ship and the danger of fire should never be ignored.


    If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, during your time onboard, we will be happy to honour the event. Please advise the Hotel Director or Restaurant Manager.


    The ship has a Sun Deck which is available for guests to enjoy. There may be times, for example at periods of inclement weather or low bridges, whereby it is necessary to close the Sun Deck. Please listen carefully to the Captain and Crew for instruction. Please also note that the Sun Deck and its steps may become slippery if the weather is cool or dew forms.


    Most foreign registered mobile phones cannot be used in Burma, as the access to the national network is mostly not allowed. Only mobile phones with Burmese registered SIM-cards are allowed. The ship does have a mobile phone onboard which has a network connection and passengers can use this mobile phone to make calls on request. The phone charges (US$3 per minute for international calls) which will be added to your onboard account.


    Spa quality bath amenities are supplied in all cabins.


    Visitors are not permitted aboard the vessel without the prior consent of the ship’s senior staff. Please provide as much notice as possible to the senior staff so that the necessary arrangements can be made. The ship’s operator reserve the right to deny boarding to any visitors.


    Mineral water (local) is provided in all cabins daily and additional bottles are available on request. Drinking water is provided at all meals.


    The ship does have wireless internet facilities onboard the ship on the Sun Deck; however a connection to the World Wide Web is usually very slow and possible only in some urban areas (Mandalay, Yangon, Monywa, Magwe) only. Please ask the barman for assistance and for the password.


    The above information is accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Noble Caledonia accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions and none of the facilities or features of the vessel described herein which are not specifically described in our advertisements and on your holiday invoice as being included in your holiday price will be deemed to be included in your holiday package. If you would like further information about the vessel or about any of your holiday arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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