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Douro Prince

The MS Douro Prince is a friendly and intimate ship with an elegant single-sitting dining room, welcoming lounge, bar, sundeck and gift shop. There are 24 spacious outside cabins including one suite. Cabins on the Main deck have floor to ceiling windows which give access to a small private balcony and cabins on the Upper deck are slightly bigger and have a large picture window. All cabins have a private shower and toilet except the suite which has a bath. All cabins are stylishly decorated with individually controlled air-conditioning, private facilities and TV.

  • MS Douro Prince
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Main Deck - Twin Cabin with balcony
  • Reception
  • Your Cabin/Suite

    Your Cabin/Suite

    The MS Douro Prince features 23 spacious outside cabins and one suite. All cabins are stylishly decorated with individually controlled air-conditioning, private facilities and TV. Cabins on the Main deck measure 118 sq ft and feature floor to ceiling windows which give access to a small private balcony and cabins on the Upper deck are slightly larger at 131 sq ft (cabins 214 and 219 are smaller and measure 97 sq ft and the suite measures 224 sq ft) and have a large picture window. All cabins have a private shower and toilet except the suite which has a bath. All standard cabins have twin beds which can be positioned separately or together as one large double bed. The private bathrooms are equipped with a shower. The suite has a large double bed (which cannot be separated into twin beds) and its bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and overhead shower. Bottled water is available in the cabins, at the bar and whilst on excursions.

  • Your Space

    Your Space

    Full of character and charm the vessel offers plenty of space to relax, unwind and watch the world go by.  Reception is conveniently located on the main deck and is always manned offering assistance when required.  Perhaps purchase some souvenirs or top-up on toiletries from the on board shop.  The beautiful Main Lounge on the Upper deck has a bar and dance floor and is the perfect place to enjoy your leisure time and make new friends.  Complimentary tea, coffee and water is served in the bar between 0700-1900 hours. Breakfast lunch and dinner are all served in the bright and airy restaurant located on the Main deck.  The spacious Sun Deck is equipped with comfortable lounge chairs and an awning for those who enjoy the shade.

  • Your Dining

    Your Dining

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served in the bright and airy restaurant located on the Main deck. The spacious restaurant serves delicious local and international cuisine, and seats all passengers in one open sitting, most tables seating six people. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style and dinner is served by your friendly waiter.

  • Life Onboard

    Life Onboard

    Our cruises along the Douro are very leisurely with plenty of time to relax onboard. During the day, comfortable and casual attire is appropriate. The evenings are smart casual. One night during your cruise there will be a traditional Portuguese barbeque so you can taste the local cuisine. The crew are all Portuguese and speak English and will do much to add to your enjoyment whilst onboard.

  • For your comfort

    For your comfort

    Upon embarkation a safety briefing will take place by your expert crew and each day the nautical crew will provide you with briefings.  There is no smoking permitted anywhere inside the ship. Smoking is permitted outside on the sundeck only.

  • Ship Directory

    Ship Directory


    Please find below further details pertaining to the vessel or click on the booklet to download. 

    We are delighted you have chosen the MS Douro Prince for your upcoming voyage along the Douro.

    There are now many options of vessel on which to explore the River Douro, however we have chosen to charter the charming 48-passenger MS Douro Prince on which you can be assured of a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    The atmosphere onboard is friendly and informal and our cruises along the Douro are planned to be leisurely with ample time to relax onboard. The Portuguese crew who all speak English will do much to add to your enjoyment whilst onboard.

    We hope this information booklet answers any questions you may have pertaining to the vessel and wish you a pleasant voyage. 


    All staterooms and public areas have individual temperature and air flow controls. For supplementary information or assistance about how to use it, please contact the Front Desk.


    An alarm will be sounded in the event of an emergency. Please follow the instructions provided onboard for what to do in the event of an emergency. Next to your door you will find a golden square box, only to be used in case of emergency. If there is no immediate response to your emergency call please alert a crew member immediately.


    The daily programme specifies the ship’s arrival and departure times in the various ports visited each day. When participating in shore excursions, our tour guides will ensure that you return to the ship in time for departure. Should you decide to explore independently, please return to the ship no later than the ALL ABOARD TIME indicated on that day’s daily programme. It is the sole responsibility of our guests to be aboard in time for the vessel’s departure.


    No animals are allowed aboard the vessel.


    There will be announcements throughout the day on the ship’s speakers system; there are no announcements in the staterooms and also before 8:00 am, between 1:30 – 3:00pm and after 10:00pm, except in the event of an emergency.


    An onboard account will be opened for you at the beginning of your cruise. If you are sharing a stateroom and want separate billing, please inform the reception desk. The bar is open daily from 9.30am until the last guest leaves. Bar services are also provided on the Sun Deck (weather permitting). Please check that your stateroom number, your name and signature are indicated properly on all receipts.


    There is no Beauty Salon onboard.


    No bicycles are available onboard. 


    There is a gift shop onboard with a limited selection of accessories, souvenirs and traditional hand-made products which are located next to the reception. All items will be charged to your onboard account. The opening hours are adjusted according to the daily programme.


    Each evening your tour escort will hold briefings in the lounge. Please check the exact time of the briefing in the daily programme.


    All cabins have individually controlled air conditioning/heating, and are appointed with a closet, vanity unit with seat, several drawers, two night tables, a television, electronic safe and a hairdryer. The private bathrooms are equipped with a shower and bath amenities. The Suite is equipped with a bathtub and overhead shower.


    Cabins on the Main Deck measure approximately 118 square feet and have floor to ceiling windows which give access to a private balcony. Cabins on the Upper Deck are approximately 131 square feet (except for cabins 214 and 219 which measure 97 square feet, and the suite measures 224 square feet) and have large (non-opening) picture windows. All standard cabins have twin beds (70cm x 180cm) which can be positioned separately or together as one large double bed. The suite has a large double bed (which cannot be separated into twin beds).


    Although the ship does not have a cruise director onboard, the ships professional, English-speaking tour escort will look after your comfort and answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact them at any time. A Noble Caledonia Tour Manager will also accompany you on your voyage.


    The official currency onboard is the Euro. Please note that personal cheques are not accepted onboard.


    The daily programme is printed onboard and delivered to your stateroom each evening during dinner. It provides details of the following day’s programme, meal times and other activities, as well as interesting and helpful information about your next port of call. 


    The recommended dress code throughout the day is casual and comfortable. The use of shoes in public areas is obligatory. Please note that shorts and t-shirts are inappropriate in the restaurant for dinner. During special dinners, such as the “Captain’s Dinner” a jacket and tie is recommended but not compulsory.


    Bottled water is available in your stateroom and is replenished daily. Complimentary house wine and soft drinks are included with dinner onboard.


    The electrical current onboard is 220v with the exception of the socket in your bathroom. These are both 115v and 220v.


    There is no elevator or chair lift onboard.


    Embarkation is approximately 16.00 hours, unless advised otherwise. The official embarkation time will be advised in your final documentation. The official disembarkation time is between 8:30-09.00 hours, however your Cruise Director will provide detailed information prior to the end of the cruise. This will include departure transfer information.


    In the unlikely event of an emergency during your cruise, we ask guests to remain calm and follow the instructions of the crew. We request that all guests attend the safety drill on embarkation day and carefully review the safety instructions on the inside of their stateroom door. Please take five minutes of your time to locate the emergency exits and the meeting points either in the Main Deck or in the Upper Deck. Your emergency Muster Station is located on the Sun Deck. For safety reasons, complying with international rules and regulations, life jackets are situated in your stateroom. In case of emergency please use them and wait for crew member’s instructions either in your stateroom or in your Muster Station.


    A number of crew are fully trained and certified to provide First Aid. Should you require further medical attention, please contact the Hotel Manager or your tour escort immediately. Further medical assistance can be sought from one of the hospitals along the river in the event of emergency. 


    There is no fitness room onboard the vessel.


    A selection of games and books is available. We kindly ask that these items be returned after you are finished using them. If you do not wish to keep the books that you bring with you from home, the ship will be happy to adopt them for their library.


    Gratuities have been included in your holiday price, however if you feel that certain individuals deserve a special award, you are of course free to remunerate as you please. HAIR DRYER Each cabin is equipped with a hairdryer, located in your dressing table.


    There is not a hairdresser onboard.


    None onboard.


    The excellent housekeeping staff attends to your stateroom twice daily. For further requests please contact reception.


    Your cabin comes equipped with a television. The channels available are: SKY NEWS; CSN; BBC; EUROSPORT; CNNC; EURONEWS


    At check-in a personal key card will be issued for you that will open your stateroom door. Please be aware that the loss of this card can affect the ship’s safety standard as well as your personal belongings.


    Inside your wardrobe you will find a laundry bag together with a laundry list which we kindly ask you to fill out, sign and leave it together with the bag on your bed in order to be collected at the time your room is being cleaned. Your laundry will be returned within 48 hours. The ship also has an express service within 10 hours with a sub-charge of 50%. Please note there is no dry cleaning service available. 


    Lost property can be handed to the ship’s reception. Please ensure you have all of your belongings with you before you return home. Should you leave items onboard the ship we are only able to return them at your own cost.


    All meals are served in the dining room with the exception of special events which will be announced in your daily programme.The meal times will vary according to the sailing and excursion schedules and will always be printed in your daily programme. We kindly ask that at dinner time not to come later than half an hour after the hour announced. Due to our open seating policy, we are not able to make table reservations. Breakfast and lunch are buffet service and dinner is a mix of buffet and served courses. Tea and coffee are available at the bar free of charge from 08:00 to 23:00 hours on a self-serve basis as well as being served with meals. House wine and soft drinks with dinner are included onboard. Special dietary requests such as vegetarian, low salt and low cholesterol should be made to Noble Caledonia (in writing) in advance. However, we recommend that you contact the Hotel Manager once onboard to reconfirm such requests. We regret that the ship is unable to guarantee special requests and is not equipped to prepare or serve kosher or Halal cuisine.


    The local river authorities allocate docking space around ship arrivals and departures in port. Typically, river ships always dock facing upstream, against the current. There are times when port conditions require ships to tie up alongside each other and where guests may be required to walk through another ship to get to their own ship. This is part of the river cruise experience and is perfectly normal. Guests may occasionally experience obstructed cabin views from staterooms for this reason.


    Newspapers are not available onboard.


    Sometimes it is necessary to make amendments to the itinerary, both for logistical and safety reasons. The Master of the vessel will decide if necessary. 


    The ship offers a cash-free system during your cruise and charge all purchases to your onboard account. The day before your cruise ends you will receive an itemised invoice for any onboard charges incurred. Please review the invoice carefully before settling your bill. Please note that personal cheques are not accepted onboard.


    Please hand in your mail at the reception who are happy to post for you. Do not forget to write the country name under the complete address and please use the correct stamps.


    A questionnaire will be provided to all passengers towards the end of their sailing. We would be grateful for you to complete and return this.


    Noble Caledonia have arranged for guests to be provided with individual Quitevox Systems to use on shore excursions for the duration of the cruise. This device enables you to clearly hear the guide’s commentary so you can enjoy each tour to the fullest. The audio device can be found in your stateroom in a charger unit on the desk. Please make sure to always re-insert the device once you return to your stateroom to ensure it is fully charged for the next day.


    The front desk operates from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm. Please note that a night watch is always available around the ship from 10:00 pm until 8:00 am.


    Your cabin is equipped with a small safe for your personal use. We recommend placing valuables in the safe whenever you are away from your room. Please remember to remove all items from the safe and leave the safe open before disembarking.


    By law requirement within 24 hours onboard the Captain or Hotel Manager will hold a ship’s safety briefing in the Lounge. This briefing is very important for your safety and well-being onboard and we ask all passengers to attend. 


    The ship is proud to provide a smoke free environment to our passengers. Smoking is only allowed on the Sun Deck. When smoking on the sun deck, please do not throw cigarette butts overboard and use the ashtrays provided.


    If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary during the cruise, the ship will be happy to honour the event. Please advise the Reception, the Tour Escort or your tour manager if you would like for the event to be celebrated.


    The ship has a Sun Deck which is available for guests to enjoy. There may be times, for example at periods of inclement weather or low bridges, whereby it is necessary to close the Sun Deck. Please listen carefully to the Captain and Crew for instruction. Please also note that the Sun Deck and its steps may become slippery if the weather is cool or dew forms.


    Toiletries are provided onboard. Please ask our housekeeping staff for replacement toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo.


    Visitors are generally not permitted on the ship. The ship’s operator reserve the right to deny boarding to any visitors.


    Complimentary bottled water will be provided in your cabin daily.


    The following day’s weather forecast will be displayed on your daily programme.


    The ship is fitted with Wi-Fi access; there may be times when the connection is very slow or is disrupted. Internet vouchers can be purchased at Reception and costs €9.00 per day. 


    The above information is accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Noble Caledonia accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions and none of the facilities or features of the vessel described herein which are not specifically described in our advertisements and on your holiday invoice as being included in your holiday price will be deemed to be included in your holiday package. If you would like further information about the vessel or about any of your holiday arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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