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Nicola Kuleska

Nicola Kulesza

Nicola was born in Nottingham, England, her love of the outdoors and adventure began on the countryside home she grew up in. Later she went to do a degree in Zoo Biology, after graduating she went to peruse her dream of working in wildlife tourism. Since 2012 she has worked across the whole west coast of Scotland on powerboats. Eventually working for a company running trips to some of the most remote and untouched islands of the Hebrides’. To date she has done over 250 trips to the UK’s remotest island archipelago: St Kilda. Nicola is also a wildlife and landscape photographer and is more than happy to share her knowledge of photography with you. She has a passion for wildlife conservation and is on Europe’s only Large Whale Disentanglement team! Nicola’s first language is English, but she also speaks Spanish and is turning her hand to Polish next!