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Colin Baird
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Colin Baird

Colin grew up on the west coast of Canada and developed a love for the sea at an early age, sailing and scuba diving the local waters off Vancouver Island. He spent 10 years as a marine mammal trainer working with seals, sea lions and orca (perhaps better known as Killer Whales). In 2002 he was hired by Jean Michel Cousteau as the director of field operations for the Free Willy/ Keiko Project in Iceland and Norway. This was and remains today the only attempt to release a previously captive orca back into the wild.

Since then, Colin has been expedition cruising to many out of the way places; including Iceland, Norway, Svalbard, the high arctic and Antarctic. When at home in Canada leads whale watching tours from Victoria, B.C. during the northern summer to see his favourite of all the cetaceans….the orca.

Colin Baird is on the following tours: