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Talks by Ludmilla Selezneva


Ludmilla Selezneva

Professor Ludmilla is one of our most popular Guest Speakers and has been lecturing for Noble Caledonia along the Russian waterways for 25 years. Ludmilla is a graduate with honours from Rostov State University and received her first doctorate there in history in 1982. She attained her second doctorate in 1996 from the Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow. Since 2001, Ludmilla has worked as a professor of history and politics at the University of the Humanitarian Education in Moscow. She has published more than 50 articles and authored or co-authored 10 books. She is a well-recognised authority on 20th century Russia, the Russian political movements and parties, and the modern political history.

  The Romanovs

In this 30 minute talk Lumdmilla tells us of the beginning, highlights and the end of the House of Romanovs which ruled Russian empire for 300 years. Learn of the links between the British royal family and of the Romanovs and of known and unknown pages in the story.


Creation of Russia & Russian

Starting from East Slavic people, who settled along the Trade route from the Varangians to Greeks, the story covers the foundation of the first Russian state (Kievan Rus), acceptance of Christianity from  Konstantinopol, development of unique Russian culture and the formation of the Russian nation.

 If you would like to join Ludmilla for our ‘Waterways of the Tsars’ voyage in 2021 click here for details.