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Braised Lamb Shank with Skordalia Mash Potato



In this episode of the Travel Post, my thoughts take me back to the stunning Islands of New Zealand where I finished my last cruise before I took leave. There is amazing produce available to use in New Zealand and the famed, locally sourced, succulent lamb was always the obvious choice to add to my evening menus. My recipe for you this week brings back memories of this country for me and is always a huge hit with our guests - slow cooked lamb shank.

As a treat over the next couple of weeks I have decided to ask you, our Noble Caledonia guests, what recipes you would like me to contribute to this Travel Post. This could be anything from ‘how to make the sweetest pastry?’, ‘I have these ingredients, what dish can I make?’ to making a Beef Wellington for the table. Please do send in your requests to

I look forward to receiving your suggestions and delighting you with more dishes to try at home.   

Many thanks

Darren Marchant 

Head Chef – the Sky Fleet 


Braised Lamb

Ingredients serves 4

4 Lamb Shanks                                                     

200 Grams Leeks, diced                                         1 Star Anise 

4 Shallots, peeled and halved

2 Garlic Cloves, peeled

2 Sprigs Rosemary

6 Sprigs Thyme   

80 Grams Tomato Puree

1 Litre White Wine

1 Litre Lamb Stock

50 ml Sherry Vinegar 

Salt and Pepper


1. Place the lamb shanks on to a clean J-cloth and remove any excess moisture. Season with a salt mill and pre heat the oven to 160 degrees.

2. Place a saucepan on the heat with two tablespoons of olive oil. Add the lamb shanks to the pan and sear all the way around. Remove from the pan and place in to a casserole dish.

3. Put the leeks, celery and shallots into the same pan and colour until golden brown. Add the tomato puree and cook out for another 2 minutes. Add these to the lamb.

4. De-glaze the pan with the white wine and lamb stock and then pour this over the lamb and vegetable mix.

5. Add the thyme, rosemary, garlic and star anise to the casserole dish.

6. Place a lid on the casserole dish and cook for 2 hours until the lamb is tender and falling off the bone. This can vary depending on the size of the lamb shanks.

7. Remove from the oven and gently take the lamb shanks out and put onto a tray. Pass the stock through a sieve and push as much goodness out of the vegetables, using the back of a ladle.

8. Place the stock on the stove, add the sherry vinegar and reduce until it begins to thicken and coat the back of a spoon. Put the lamb back in the stock to keep warm.



Ingredients Serves 4


600 Grams Russet Potatoes 

3 oz Blanched Almonds

50 ml White Wine Vinegar

6 Cloves Garlic

180 ml Olive Oil

Chopped Flat Parsley






1. Peel the potatoes and cut into evenly sized cubes. Wash the potatoes under running warm water to reduce the starchiness in the potato.

2. Put the potatoes on the stove and cook for 10 minutes until soft.

3. Strain the cooked potatoes and leave to cool, letting as much steam evaporate as possible.

4. Meanwhile, take the garlic, almonds and white wine vinegar and place in a liquidizer. Blitz until it forms a smooth paste.

5. Pass the potatoes through a potato ricer, into a separate bowl.

6. Mix in the garlic paste and olive oil and stir until emulsified. Add the chopped parsley to finish.


Serve together with a selection of fresh green vegetables 



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