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 Meet our Crew


 Navigation officer Charley Cunningham 

What exactly is a bulbous bow? Under which countries law are we sailing? What is cabotage? Island Sky Safety and Navigation officer Charley Cunningham gives more interesting technical information on the Sky ships and of life at sea.   



How do you make water at sea? What do ships flags mean? How do you become a deck officer? Island Sky Safety and Navigation officer Charley Cunningham has the answers to lots of interesting questions about life at sea. 



 Hotel Superintendent Bogdan Toma

Hotel Superintendent for the Sky’s fleet, Bogdan Toma, oversees the largest department on board and in this short video he discusses with Pam Le Noury various aspects of his role including what dry dock entails and the complexities of crew scheduling.




  Hotel Manager Darren Ormshaw



Darren Ormshaw chats to Pam Le Noury giving us a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into his challenging role on board. From menu planning to food deliveries in remote places and maintaining crew camaraderie, find out into exactly what goes in to keeping a harmonious and smooth-running ship.