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Noble Caledonia guests have front row seats for a very personal moment

By Mike Deegan, Head of Fleet Operations


Noble Caledonia is renowned for the quality of its Guest Speakers who enhance the enjoyment and appreciation of guests as they bring geographic areas and their particular specialisation alive on our small ship and river cruises. 

 Olga Stone is one of our regular Guest Speakers – as a Classicist and Art Historian she speaks on Ancient History and Classics and is often to be found in areas boasting ancient civilisations and legends mainly around the Mediterranean.  Olga is also a concert standard pianist and trained at the Conservatoire in Odessa.  Recently she accompanied the “Splendours of Sicily” cruise aboard MS Hebridean Sky and enthralled guests with tales of earlier civilisations and the history of the most beautiful of islands as well as her exquisite piano performances.  Olga was travelling with her partner, Peter Verstage, and he asked the Master, Captain Henrik Karlsson, and Cruise Director Brenda McLoughlin to arrange for him to speak to guests during the Farewell Reception and then in front of the entire complement of guests and several crew members he asked Olga to marry him – guests were thrilled to be a part of this very special moment.  I am delighted to report she accepted!  Phew!  The photograph shows Peter presenting Olga with the engagement ring overseen by Captain Karlsson.

 On behalf of all at Noble Caledonia, both ashore and afloat, I wish Olga and Peter many congratulations and many happy years together.