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Books by Daniel Austin: Madagascar & The Travel Quiz Book

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Guest Speaker - Daniel Austin

Daniel is a travel writer, naturalist, photographer and tour lecturer who specialises in the exotic Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. He visits Madagascar every year to explore and photograph its diverse wonders. His fascination with this enigmatic country extends not only to its unique flora and fauna, but also to its people, culture, history, geology and beyond. Daniel has written three books about Madagascar and contributed words and images to countless others. He also presents occasional lectures on the country, including at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society, as well as on specialist tours of the island. His expertise is frequently consulted by filmmakers making documentaries about Madagascar. In addition, Daniel is Secretary of the Anglo-Malagasy Society, a UK-based organisation founded in 1961, which holds events and meetings in London to promote knowledge of Madagascar amongst British people and to foster relations between the two countries. Daniel is the founder of the Madagascar Library, a private collection of some 3,000 books, maps and other documents about the country, available for use by academics, journalists, historians and other researchers. He studied linguistics and cognitive science at the University of Cambridge and at UCL in London, as well as engineering science at the University of Oxford.


Daniel has arranged a special discount for Noble Caledonia clients to purchase his three books below via the publisher, Bradt, with a 25% discount. To purchase, please click on the links below and enter the special discount code NOBLE25 before check out. For readers living outside of the UK, please note that the books can be purchased via other sellers such as Amazon.


{MEDIA GALLERY DEFAULT}Madagascar by Hilary Brandt and Daniel Austin

A new, thoroughly updated 13th edition of Bradt’s Madagascar, the leading and most comprehensive guide to this unique island nation, written by Hilary Bradt, who first visited in 1976 and has returned roughly 35 times, and Daniel Austin, who has visited more than 15 times and continues to travel there annually. Bradt’s Madagascar is by far the most thorough guide to the country in English and is written and updated by established experts whose unparalleled knowledge of Madagascar combines with contributions from over 50 specialists in a book which has been the most authoritative guide to the country for three decades.





{MEDIA GALLERY DEFAULT}Madagascar Wildlife by Nick Garbutt and Daniel Austin

Lavishly illustrated and completely updated, this fourth edition of Bradt’s Madagascar Wildlife is a celebration of the island’s extraordinary flora and fauna, 90% of which is endemic. The pace of change in Madagascar’s biodiversity is staggering, over the past decade a new species of frog has been discovered at a rate of one every six weeks, and this is the only guide to keep abreast of such scientific developments. Containing over 280 colour photographs, updated information on 22 of the country’s top parks and reserves, plus lively species descriptions, this handbook is perfect for natural history enthusiasts and travellers alike.





{MEDIA GALLERY DEFAULT}The Travel Quiz Book by Daniel Austin

From the world’s most adventurous travel publisher, a unique collection of quizzes, puzzles and brain teasers for intrepid globetrotters and armchair travellers alike. Whether you’re planning a family quiz night, looking to while away a long-haul flight or just keen to brush up on world facts, The Travel Quiz Book will have you scratching your head and dreaming about places far away. There are 2,200 questions to suit every level and age of traveller, from the deceptively simple to the downright diabolical.

The flag of which country is neither square nor rectangular?
What three US states have four-letter names?
The name of which animal is Greek for ‘horse of the river’?
What number is considered unlucky in China as it sounds like the word for ‘death’?
Which European country produces more than half the world’s supply of cork?

Playful, inspirational and just occasionally fiendish, The Travel Quiz Book will put your global knowledge to the test.