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Stunning scenery

New Eddystone Rock, Misty Fjord entrance

Whaletail, Alaska; Soaring bald eagle; Walrus;
North American Information

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The climate varies widely throughout the state. Anchorage’s summer weather is pleasant and the winters are mild. Fairbanks, the Interior and parts of the Bush region experience Alaska’s most extreme weather conditions with average temperatures ranging from 22ºC (72°F) in high summer to -28ºC (-19°F) in winter.
Required Clothing
In the Anchorage area, a layered wardrobe is the best option, with a light jacket in summer and a warm coat in winter. Elsewhere, very warm winter clothing is required in the coldest months, and heavily insulated shoes. Lightweight and layered clothing is recommended during the summer.

Key Facts
698,470 (2009).
Population Density
per sq km.
English is the official language of Alaska, but because of its large native population, several other languages, including Yupik and Inupik, are also spoken. There are also Spanish and Tagalog speaking areas around the state.
Roman Catholics make of the largest group in Alaska, though it is considered one of the least religious states in the United States. After Catholicism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Southern Baptist are the next largest. The state also has a fairly large Eastern Orthodox population due to its early Russian colonization.
Alaska: GMT - 9 (GMT - 8 from second Sunday in March to first Sunday in November) in the greater part of the state .Hawaii-Aleutian: GMT - 10 west of 169° 30'.
Social Conventions
Because Alaska is one of the newest states, they have a still developing culture; many residents are originally from other states. The native cultures also remain a large part of the Alaskan culture overall, with indigenous peoples comprising nearly 15% of the population in 2011. The “Eskimo kiss,” where two people rub the tips of their noses together, originated from a traditional native greeting known as a kunik, an expression of affection between friends and family that involves pressing the nose and upper lip against the cheeks.

The Last Frontier or Land of the Midnight Sun.

Alaska is the USA's largest state, a sparsely populated land of immense natural beauty, diverse wildlife and breathtaking adventure. Consider its attributes: Alaska has 3 million lakes, over 3,000 rivers, 17 of the USA's 20 highest peaks, 100,000 glaciers and 15 national parks, preserves and monuments. Soaring snow-covered peaks, glaciers and fjords, bears, moose, salmon-filled rivers and the shrill call of eagles echo the grandeur of this state, which offers an experience like nowhere else on earth. Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, is both a popular tourist destination and the centre of commerce and transportation for the region; 40% of the state's population lives here. Lake Hood is home to the world's largest seaplane base, the main form of transport in Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska's second-largest city, situated at the northern end of the Alaska Highway, is a trade and transportation centre for the Interior and Far North regions, and gateway to the state's real frontier. From mid-May through to July, visitors can enjoy more than 20 hours of sunlight a day, but in winter the short days are mostly a pink-and-indigo twilight with about four hours of real daylight.

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