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  • Adrian Finnerty

    Adrian Finnerty

    Adrain Finnerty is a versatile musician and educator, as well as an experienced teacher, lecturer, composer, conductor, pianist, organist and music historian. His lectures...

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  • Agnes Breniere

    Agnes Breniere - Expedition Staff

    Agnès grew up in the French Alps and quickly became interested by exploring nature. Also conscious of the need of its protection and conservation, Agnès stud...

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  • Alain Bidart

    Alain Bidart

    Alain Bidart received his PhD in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Bordeaux and worked as researcher, then he has decided to devote himself to his passion for Polar R...

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  • Alan Hardwick

    Alan Hardwick

    Initially trained as a biologist Alan spent several years after university working in fish farming and learnt to dive, naturally enough, in a fish tank on the West coast o...

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  • Alan Mason

    Alan Mason NDT. F.Inst.G. Dip.Hort. M.I. Hort. is one of the most experienced and best qualified garden designers and consultants in Europe.

    Most of Alan’s w...

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  • Albert Beintema

    Albert Beintema

    Albert is an animal ecologist in The Netherlands. He wrote his PhD on management of farmland birds. He studied farmland birds and marsh birds in Holland and in Africa, and...

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  • Alexander Watson

    Alexander Watson

    Dr Alexander Watson is an ecologist who has a special interest in birds and mammals .He currently works for the non-government organisation ‘World Wide Fund for Natu...

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  • Alexandra Edwards

    Alexandra Edwards has been carrying out archaeological fieldwork and ethnographic studies in Rapa Nui (a.k.a. Easter Island) and French Polynesia for the past 12 years. Sh...

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  • Alfred Rowe

    Alfred Rowe is a British architect, architectural historian, lecturer and broadcaster. He was elected to the Council of the Royal Institute of British Architects, is a Fel...

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  • Alison Dean

    Alison is a geologist – or more correctly an igneous petrologist interested in rocks and tectonic processes worldwide. Born and raised in the South Island of New Zea...

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  • Andrea Machacek

    Born in Salzburg/Austria Andrea has worked four years as Project Manager organizing events and incentive projects across the world: from Dragon boat competitions in Shangh...

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  • Andrea Naegele

    Andrea brings over 20 years’ experience in Tourism, Hotel Business and onboard luxury cruise ships. Andrea started her career in the Cruise Industry as Tour Leader &...

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  • Andrew Wenzel

    Andrew Wenzel

    Andrew is Canadian and resides in Vancouver British Columbia “the most beautiful city in the world” according to him. His varied naturalist, guiding and photog...

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  • Ann Clements

    Ann Clements

    Ann Clements read History of Art and English at Manchester University, then worked for the Whitworth Art Gallery, and later for the Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art....

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  • Ann Marie Harrison

    Ann Marie Harrison

    Anne-Marie Harrison was born and brought up in Paris but has subsequently lived in many different countries. Originally a linguist, she adapted to the many changes brought...

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  • Anna Bunney

    Anna is a geographer and wildlife conservationist, who is particularly fascinated with marine mammals.  After finishing her undergraduate degree in Geography and Envi...

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  • Anthony Reid

    Anthony Reid is a Professor of Southeast Asian history, trained in history in Wellington (New Zealand) and Cambridge. He is today again based as emeritus professor at the ...

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  • Anthony Weld Forester

    Anthony Weld Forester

    Anthony was educated at Harrow, the Eurocentro in Florence and Magdelen College, Oxford. He has worked for Sotheby’s for 34 years, as Auctioneer, Picture Expert and ...

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  • Bill Nadris

    Bill Nadris

    After reading archaeology at Southampton University, Bill trained as a boat-builder nearby on the River Itchen. For the next 10 years, he worked as coxswain, fleet/equipme...

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  • Canon Dr Anne Davison

    Canon Dr Anne Davison

    Anne has had a life-long interest in history and the religions of the world. This led to studying both topics for her first Degree and later for her Doctorate. She spent s...

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  • Caroline Aston

    Caroline is a regular contributor to the UK premier royalty magazine 'Majesty' and she has also written for 'The Daily Telegraph'. She was one of the specially commissione...

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  • Chantal Cookson

    Chantal Cookson

    Chantal was born in Suffolk very near the sea and now lives in Northumberland where her husband farms. Chantal has been associated with Noble Caledonia since the company&n...

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  • Chris Bailey

    Chris Bailey

    Chris Bailey read history at Cambridge specialising in modern European history and then joined the coal industry where he was involved in restructuring and privatisation. ...

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  • Chris Harbard

    Chris Harbard

    Chris Harbard is a well-known British ornithologist and conservationist. He has travelled the world in search of birds, from his first trip abroad to Austria to far flung ...

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  • Chris Newlands

    Chris’s love of drama and the stage at an early age led him to Bristol to tread the boards. His wanderlust then took him to Algeria, where he remained for two years,...

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  • Colin Baird

    Colin Baird

    Colin grew up on the west coast of Canada and developed a love for the sea at an early age, sailing and scuba diving the local waters off Vancouver Island. He spent 10 yea...

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  • Colin Jones

    Colin Jones

    Colin Jones is an accredited lecturer with the Royal Horticultural Society and flower judge for the Surrey Guild of Horticultural Judges. For 35 years a Film Editor and Di...

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  • Colin Munro

    Colin Munro

    Colin is a freelance marine biologist and photographer, with a strong interest in underwater photography. Originally from the north of Scotland, he now lives in Southwest ...

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  • Conrad Weston Hernandez

    Conrad Weston is a Second Generation costarrican.  Conrad has been involved in ecotourism since 1986 in South and Central America mainly. Diving has been a family tra...

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  • Craig Ward

    Craig Ward

    Craig is a marine professional, dive instructor, marine biologist & ship’s captain and studied Zoology at James Cook University, Cairns. For over twelve years he...

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  • Dame Margaret Anstee DCMG

    Margaret Anstee

    Margaret Anstee served the United Nations for over four decades, rising to the rank of Under-Secretary General in 1987. During her career she lived in fifteen different co...

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  • Damien Sanders

    Damien is a British national, who is now based in Dinan, Brittany, France, where he is able to pursue his interest in the rich maritime history of the region. 

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  • Damon Ramsey

    Damon’s personal aim in life is to combine his loves of nature and travel into a career, and experience as much nature and wildlife on our planet as he can. His prof...

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  • Danny Edmunds

    Danny Edmunds

    In 2003 Danny grew tired of earning a living building databases and living in central London and since then he’s worked as a photographer, diver, travel writer and b...

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  • Darek Figa

    Darek Figa

    Born in Poland and lives in Australia, Darek has had rich exposure to culture, travel and wildlife and has worked in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, the animal research ind...

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  • Denise Heywood

    Denise Heywood

    Denise Heywood is a lecturer, author, journalist and photographer. She has lived in France, America and, most recently, Cambodia, where she worked as a journalist for thre...

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  • Dennis Wille

    Dennis Wille

    Dennis first became enamored of birds as a youngster in his native Costa Rica. Living in Central America, it is not difficult to see how ornithology could become the favor...

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  • Dmitri Banin

    Dmitri Banin

    Born in Moscow, Russia, Dmitri studied biology at Moscow State University (MSU) where he completed his Ph.D. in Zoology and then continued his work in MSU’s Laborato...

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  • Dr Alan Borg

    Dr Alan Borg

    Alan began his career teaching the history of art at Indiana and Princeton Universities . Returning to Britain in 1970, he became Assistant Keeper in the Royal Armouries i...

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  • Dr Alex Cowan

    Alex Cowan

    Born in the UK, Alex studied earth sciences at the University of Cambridge, attending the same college as famous explorer and scientist Edward Wilson. His research history...

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  • Dr Candace Weddle

    Candace Weddle

    Candace Weddle is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Anderson University, South Carolina. She holds a Ph.D. in classical Art History from the University of Southern ...

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  • Dr Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards

    A native of Scotland, after graduating from the University of Glasgow Chris was employed by the British Antarctic Survey and spent two and a half years in Antarctica as a ...

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  • Dr Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones

    Dan Jones holds a PhD (School of History, University of East Anglia), an MA (Institute of Historical Research University of London) and Diploma in Archaeology (Institute o...

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  • Dr Daria Nikitina

    Daria Nikitina

    Dr. Daria Nikitina is a geology professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA. Daria was born in Moscow, Russia where she resided with her family until 1994, s...

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  • Dr David Cordingly

    David Cordingly

    Dr David Cordingly was Keeper of Pictures at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. He read history at Oxford, has a doctorate from Sussex University, and has written ...

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  • Dr Francis Broun

    Francis Broun

    Dr. Broun came to Canada from Scotland in 1967. He has a B.A. from McGill and a Ph.D. from Princeton, both in art history. For fifteen years he worked at the Art Gallery o...

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  • Dr Franz Gingele

    Franz Gingele

    Born and raised in the mountains of southern Bavaria, Franz has long been surrounded by rocks and ice. While studying geology, glaciology, and climatology, Franz engaged i...

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  • Dr Ian Stone

    Ian Stone

    Dr Ian R. Stone has degrees in history, mathematics and geology. He served in the Army after graduation and became particularly interested in the Crimean War, a much misun...

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  • Dr Ingrid Visser

    Ingrid Visser

    Ingrid is a whale biologist who completed her doctorate studying orca-whales (killer whales). She is the only person to study these animals in the South Pacific and bases ...

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  • Dr Katherine Lack

    Katherine Lack

    Dr Katherine Lack originally trained as an agricultural scientist at Oxford, where she took a doctorate in 1985. Since then she has studied medieval and modern history and...

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  • Dr Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

    Michael Scott Michael is an Assistant Professor in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick, author of several books on ancient Greek and Roman society, a...

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  • Dr Nicholas Cranfield

    Nicholas Cranfield

    Dr Nicholas Cranfield FSA was educated in Italy, England and the USA and worked as an international banker before becoming an academic, who has worked largely on 16th and ...

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  • Dr Richard Butterwick

    Richard Butterwick

    Dr Richard Butterwick graduated in History from Cambridge, before obtaining his doctorate at Oxford. He taught European history at Oxford and Queen’s University Belf...

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  • Dr Richard Parkinson

    Richard Parkinson

    Richard Parkinson was trained at Oxford, and after holding a teaching positions and a junior research fellowship, he joined the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at th...

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  • Dr Richard Thomas

    Dr Richard Thomas has had a career in International Development working as an academic, a consultant and as a long term (1991-2010) staff member of the UK’s Departme...

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  • Dr Sophie Mills

    Sophie Mills

    Sophie Mills is currently Chair and Professor of Classics at the University of North Carolina at Asheville where she has taught since 1994. She was born in London educated...

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  • Dr Susan Currie

    Susan Currie

    Susan obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Exeter and a Doctoral degree from the University of Cambridge. She was a senior geologist f...

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  • Dr Toby Musgrave

    Toby Musgrave

    Dr Toby Musgrave is one of the UK's leading authorities in garden history and design. With a degree in horticulture and a Ph.D. in garden history, since 1994 Toby has emba...

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  • Dr. Christine Reinke-Kunze

    Christine Reink-Kunze

    A freelance journalist, Dr. Christine Reinke-Kunze has travelled the planet on behalf of ARD and the “Consortium of Public-Law Broadcasting Institutions of the ...

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  • Dr. Eckart Pott

    Eckart Pott

    A well-known, author and photographer specialising in nature, Dr. Eckhart Pott has numerous publications in biology, nature, environmental protection, and nature photograp...

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  • Dr. Hans-Joachim Spitzenberger

    Hans-Joachim Spitzenberger

    Ever since 1992, Dr Hans-Joachim Spitzenberger has led many expeditions to Antarctica. As a member of various research projects, this passionate photographer will share hi...

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  • Elena Myasoedova

    Elena Myasoedova

    Born and raised outside of St Petersburg, near the Baltic Sea, in the ancient city of Novgorod, founded by the Vikings. Educated in Moscow where she majored in History, Fo...

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  • Elena Spiro

    Elena Spiro

    Elena Spiro has worked with Noble Caledonia for many years and is extremely knowledgeable, bringing so much to any visit to St Petersburg because of her enthusiasm, great ...

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  • Elizabeth Charter

    Liz Charter is a good all-round naturalist with a passion for wild plants. She has designed and led wildlife tours in Greece, Ireland, Latvia and the Isle of Man since 200...

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  • Emily Schindler

    Emily Schindler

    Emily is a Canadian businesswoman with a wide range of interests. As a young child growing up in Switzerland she showed an unusual desire to explore nature and later becam...

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  • Emmarentia Hansen

    Emma (Emmarentia) Hansen was born and raised in the stunning Lowveld area of Mpumalanga, South Africa, very close to Kruger National Park. Growing up on a farm, wildlife, ...

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  • Ernest Rea

    Ernie Rea

    Ernie Rea is a celebrated broadcaster who specialises on the history of religions and the way that faith impacts on the contemporary world. His regular radio programme, Be...

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  • Ewen Southby-Tailyour

    Ewen Southby-Tailyour

    In 1977 Ewen Southby-Tailyour was ordered to form a new detachment of Royal Marines for a year’s service in the Falkland Islands. The Royal Marines' duties in the Is...

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  • Frances Boardman

    Frances Boardman

    Frances studied ancient civilisations at Durham University, where she obtained an Honours degree in Egyptology with Coptic Studies. Prior to graduation, she took part in e...

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  • Francis Cornish

    Francis Cornish, formerly a diplomat, has spent many years in Southeast Asia and the Far East, working in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei (as High Commissioner) and Hong Kong ...

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  • General Sir Michael Rose

    Michael Rose

    Born in 1940 in Quetta, former British India. Educated at Cheltenham College, the Sorbonne and St Edmund Hall Oxford (Politics Philosophy and Economics). He is an honorary...

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  • George Hart

    George Hart

    Following degrees in Classics and in Egyptian Art and Archaeology from University College London, he joined the staff of the British Museum in 1973. He was the Principal L...

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  • Gillian Hovell

    Gillian Hovell

    After graduating in Latin and Ancient History at Exeter University and a career in BBC Television, Gillian became deeply involved in archaeology. As an author, historian, ...

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  • Gillian Spoor

    Gillian grew up in North East of England and graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Modern Languages (Russian, German and Bulgarian). During the Communist...

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  • Godfrey Barker

    Godfrey Barker

    Godfrey Barker wrote for 20 years on the art market for The Daily Telegraph (Arts Editor, Arts Columnist) and is currently art market specialist for the BBC, The London Ev...

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  • Graham Bell

    Graham Bell

    Graham Bell is a well-known British ornithologist. He was a member of the British Birds Rarities Committee for 14 years and of the Royal Society for the Protection of Bird...

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  • Guy Esparon

    Guy Esparon was born in the Seychelles and migrated to Australia in 1971, where he spent 30 years living between many of Australia’s cities and the outback. However,...

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  • Hannah Lawson

    Hannah Lawson

    For the past twelve years Hannah has divided her time between working on expedition cruise ships as a wildlife guide, zodiac driver and expedition leader and creating artw...

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  • Harry Mount

    Harry Mount

    He studied Classics and Ancient History at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he obtained a First. He also received a Masters in architectural history from the Cour...

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  • Helen Poole

    Helen Poole

    Helen Poole studied history and archaeology at Bristol University before further studies in archaeology at Durham and Leicester Universities. She excavated on several site...

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  • Henry Davis

    Henry Davis

    Henry Davis lectured in International & European Studies at the Birkbeck College (University of London) and is Convener of International & European Studies at the ...

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  • Hilary Bradt

    Hilary Bradt

    Hilary Bradt founded Bradt Travel Guides, the award-winning publishing company in 1974. Two years later she travelled the length of Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo, and ma...

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  • Hugh Wybrew

    Hugh Wybrew

    Hugh Wybrew was born in Ilford. During the National Service in the royal Air Force I, he spent most of the two years learning Russian. At Oxford Hugh read the theology at ...

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  • Humphrey Burton

    Humphrey Burton

    Humphrey Burton read music and history at Cambridge and joined the BBC in 1955 as a studio manager specializing in music programs and was later appointed the first Head of...

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  • Ian Bullock

    Ian Bullock

    Ian Bullock is a British biologist who lives in St.Davids, Pembrokeshire, on the south-western seaboard of Wales. Since 1978 he has specialised in seabird surveys, habitat...

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  • Imogen Corrigan

    Imogen Corrigan

    Imogen Corrigan served for twenty years in the British Army retiring in the rank of Major. In 2004 she graduated from the University of Kent with a 1st in Anglo-Saxon and ...

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  • Jackie James

    While Jackie had worked internationally with major drinks brands, such as Johnnie Walker and Hennessy, wine became a consuming interest when in the 1980s she and her husba...

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  • James Thomson

    James Thomson

    James William Stuart Thomson is named for the first and only all-steel sailing schooner constructed in Canada. The James William, built by J. W. Carmichael, three-masted a...

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  • Jamie Watts

    Jamie Watts

    Jamie spends some of his time as a fisheries consultant, researcher and marine life educator, including writing for several magazines. He spends most of the year, though, ...

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  • Jane Thomson

    Jane Thomson

    A Nova Scotian “Bluenose”, Jane Sproull Thomson grew up by the sea, learning to swim perforce when her dad threw her off the family sailboat. Until recently sh...

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  • Jane Wilson

    Jane Wilson

    Jane was born and raised in Australia. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science and then a Master of Environmental Studies. She worked for...

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  • Janette Merilion

    Janette Merilion

    Janette Merilion is a well known horticultural lecturer and historian with a successful garden design business based in central Lincolnshire. After a career in marketing o...

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  • Jannie Cloete

    Jannie Cloete

    Jannie, a native South African, grew up on a farm in the beautiful Mpumalanga Province. After obtaining a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Jannie traveled exten...

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  • Jarda Versloot

    Jarda Versloot

    Jarda was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and resides in South Africa. In neither country she spends too much time as she has been working full time on ships for the la...

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  • Jeremy Black

    Jeremy Black

    Jeremy Black is a prolific historian with specialties in world military history, the history of tourism, and both the eighteenth and twentieth Century. Educated at Cambrid...

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  • Jeremy Lewis

    Jeremy Lewis

    Jeremy Lewis worked in publishing for twenty-plus years before becoming a freelance writer in 1989. He has published three volumes of memoirs, and...

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  • Jill Billington

    Jill Billington

    Jill Billington became a garden designer thirty years ago and is now a Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers. Her practice has included small and large domestic garden...

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  • Joanna Weld Forester

    Joanna Weld Forester

    Joanna worked for many years in the European Ceramic Department at Sotheby’s in London where she became head of British Ceramics. She has lectured extensively throug...

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  • John Callum Thomson

    Callum Thomson

    Callum Thomson was brought up in the British Isles and spent his youth as a crofter, lobster fisherman, expert ditch digger and dairy farm manager before emulating his Hig...

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  • John Harwood

    John Harwood

    John was born and raised in central England, where he developed his love of nature, boats, folk music and travel. He studied botany at the University of London and later o...

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  • John Love

    John Love

    Born in Inverness, John Love graduated in zoology at Aberdeen University. In 1975 he went to live on the Isle of Rum where he managed a highly successful project to reintr...

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  • John Sparks

    John Sparks

    John Sparks, born in Colchester, is a zoologist and naturalist with a special interest in birds. After graduating at Queen Mary College, University of London, he became a ...

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  • Jonathan Fryer

    Jonathan Fryer

    Jonathan will be a familiar voice to listeners to BBC Radio 4's 'From Our Own Correspondent', for which he has reported from around the globe. He first visited the Middle ...

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  • Judith Black

    Judith Black

    Judith was born on the west coast of Scotland and raised in the English Home Counties. After obtaining a BA Honours degree in International Business Studies from Sheffield...

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  • Julia Korn

    Julia Korn

    For the past 17 years Julia Korn has been Senior Researcher at the National Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg and has published articles on Russian literature, history and ...

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  • Karin Lundstrom

    Karin Lundstrom

    Born on the west coast of Sweden, travel and adventure has always been the compass of Karin’s life, which has taken her to a variety of different places around the g...

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  • Kate Garnons Williams

    Kate Garnons Wiliiam

    Kate Garnons Williams read Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Bristol before going on to write her M.A. thesis on the Comedies of the 5th century dramati...

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  • Kathryn Robinson

    Kathryn Robinson is a professor of Anthropology in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University in Canberra, where she has worked for nearly 2...

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  • Keith Kirsten

    Keith Kirsten

    South Africa’s favourite gardener, Keith Kirsten, exudes energy and has an electrifying personality. The Keith Kirsten “brand” is synonymous with excelle...

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  • Kevin Morgan

    An enthusiastic naturalist with a passion for wildlife enthusiast, Kevin has been a keen birdwatcher since childhood and he has worked on cruise ships from Antarctica to t...

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  • Kit Van Wagner

    Kit Van Wagner

    Inspired by her experiences growing up in Japan, Norway and England, Kit van Wagner has been steadily working her way around the globe, sharing her infatuation with life i...

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  • Kristin Jameson

    Kristin Jameson along with her two sisters, Andrea and Tara, are the ninth generation direct descendants of John Jameson, whose name is now synonymous with Irish whiskey. ...

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  • Kristine Hannon

    Kristine Hannon

    Kristine (Assistant Cruise Director) is a true example of how it is never too late to look for the job of your life. Only a few years ago she discovered the magical world ...

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  • Laurie Dexter

    Laurie Dexter

    Laurie is an extreme athlete whose feats include skiing for 91 days from Russia to Canada through the Geographic North Pole, skiing and sled hauling to the South Pole, tra...

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  • Lea McQuillan

    Lea McQuillan

    Lea McQuillan is a marine biologist who has a keen interest in birds and mammal. She currently works in on the summer months on Great Barrier Reef and in the winter months...

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  • Lesley Chamberlain

    Lesley Chamberlain

    Lesley has lived and gardened abroad in such diverse countries as Malaysia, Holland as well as North Carolina and Oklahoma before finally returning to England in the 1980&...

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  • London Festival Opera

    London Festival Opera

    We are delighted to be joined by London Festival Opera on many of our tours and cruises. We have long been associated with London Festival Opera and each year our music th...

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  • Lori Gross

    Lori Gross

    Inspired by the natural world and her love of travel, Lori Gross has spent over 15 years sharing her knowledge of marine and environmental science with others through expe...

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  • Louis Justin

    Louis Justin

    Originally from Normandy, Louis has a lifelong interest in the history of the Viking world and the Norse expansion across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. Sharing his time b...

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  • Ludmilla Selezneva

    Ludmilla Selezneva

    Professor Ludmilla is a graduate with honours from Rostov State University and received her first doctorate there in history in 1982. She attained her second doctorate in ...

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  • Lydia Bauman

    Lydia Bauman is a Polish born artist and art historian. Educated at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (BA in Fine Art) and Court auld Institute of Art, London (MA in A...

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  • Major General Peter Williams

    Peter Williams

    After studying History at Cambridge University Peter Williams spent more than 30 years in the British Army. As an Infantryman he carried out ceremonial duties in London, s...

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  • Major General Stephen Carr-Smith

    Stephen Carr-Smith

    Major General Stephen Carr-Smith served throughout much of the Cold War in Europe and then with NATO . On leaving the Army, he worked for a company providing security and ...

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  • Major JGH Corrigan MBE

    JGH Corrigan

    Commissioned from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1962, Gordon Corrigan was an officer of the Royal Gurkha Rifles before retiring from the Army in 1998. He served ...

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  • Marieke Egan

    Marieke Egan

    From the foothills of the Swiss Alps, learning to cross glaciers before she could tie her own shoe laces. Developing her adventurous spirit she took up speed skating, winn...

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  • Marjorie Barker

    Marjorie hails from Barrow-in-Furness in South West Cumbria. Barrow is renowned for building fine Ships, Submarines and is currently contracted for the build of Trident Su...

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  • Mark Corby

    Mark Corby is a lecturer, tour leader & broadcaster of many years experience. His particular area of interest is the Classical World of Greece & Rome, with a speci...

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  • Maureen Tracey

    Maureen Tracey

    Known as ‘Tracey’ - Originally an actress. Later became a Tour Manager - taking tours all over the world for forty years.

    Many years leading land tours...

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  • Merel Dalebout

    Merel completed her PhD in Ecology and Evolution in 2002, specializing in rare beaked whales (Ziphiidae). She subsequently spent several years studing these enigmatic anim...

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  • Michael Brown

    An all round naturalist and a photographer since his teens, Mick’s particular passion is for sea birds and marine mammals. Originally from Dublin, he has lived in Pe...

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  • Michael Hindley

    Micheal Hindley

    Michael was an elected council leader in North West England, a Lancashire County Councillor and a Member of the European Parliament for three terms (1984-99).  He was...

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  • Michael Michieli

    Michael Michieli

    Michael Michieli is a Gardens Consultant for the Royal Horticultural Society garden holidays. His particular area of expertise is Mediterranean plants and, as the previous...

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  • Michael Moore

    Michael Moore

    A Chicago native, Mike earned both his B.S. in biology and an M.S. degree in Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution at the University of Illinois. Since then he has spent 10 yea...

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  • Michael Nicholson

    Michael Nicholson

    Author and Journalist Michael Nicholson is one of the world’s most travelled and decorated foreign correspondents. He has been reporting for ITN for over forty years...

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  • Mike Andrews

    Mike Andrews was educated at Stowe and Cambridge, and has been involved with film, writing and photography for 50 years - specialising in travel, science and wildlife.&nbs...

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  • Nadia Monteith

    Nadia Monteith

    Nadia grew up in the Australian Outback and is a true child of nature. Her early life spent outdoors in the rugged Kimberly region of Australia and later near Perth, insti...

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  • Natalie Swain

    Natalie Swain

    Natalie has had a fascination with history ever since she was given a book on Tutankhamun at the age of five. However, her interest was not limited to ancient history and,...

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  • Neil James Horrocks

    Neil has been at sea for over twelve years since graduating in Pure Maths from the University of Manchester. Working for Fred. Olsen, Celebrity, Saga and Voyages to Antiqu...

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  • Nicholas Merchant

    Nicholas Merchant

    Nicholas Merchant’s career has mirrored his abiding interest in Antiques. He has worked for some of the major Auction Houses in London as well as running his own boo...

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  • Nicholas Reed

    Nicholas Reed

    Nicholas Reed is both an archaeologist and an art historian. He took his first degree in Greats at Oxford, and then acquired research degrees on ancient history from Manch...

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  • Nicholas Southey

    Nicholas Southey was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has lived most of his life in various parts of the country. He is currently based in Pretoria, where he teache...

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  • Nicole D' Souza

    Nicole De Souza

    Nicki D’Souza grew up in the beautiful region of Bavaria in Germany. After obtaining a degree in languages as translator and interpreter, Nicki travelled extensively...

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  • Olga Eggert Stone

    Olga Stone

    Olga Eggert was born in Ukraine, she took up the piano at the age of five and attended the Conservatoire in Odessa at the age of 19. She graduated with the highest marks p...

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  • Olga Stavrakis

    Olga Stavrakis

    Olga holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology specializing in peoples and cultures of Central America and the Caribbean. She started her graduate career at the fabled site of Tikal i...

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  • Olle Carlsson

    Olle Carlsson

    Olle was born in Sweden and is currently lives there. Formerly a teacher, he left the profession in order to write, photograph, play jazz and travel. He has travelled exte...

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  • Oscar Fredrik Adrian Nordenborg

    Adrian started his epic journey of travelling at the age of 19 where he spent 4 months discovering Turkey and lived in a cave in Cappadocia for a while. To date Adrian has...

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  • Pamela Le Noury

    Pamela Le Noury

    Coming from South Africa, Pam is a marine scientist, PADI dive instructor, tech deep and commercial diver, zodiac skipper and sailor, and has worked in and on the ocean ju...

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  • Par Skog

    Pär was born and raised in a baker family in Alingsas Sweden. Travel, wildlife and nature has always been a big part of his life. After his military service as Mounta...

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  • Patrick Mercer

    Patrick Mercer

    Educated at Oxford University and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Patrick has a degree in history. He has written several history books and has just expanded into fi...

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  • Paul Harris

    Paul Harris

    Paul Harris graduated from Aberdeen University with an MA in Politics and International Relations and currently works as a writer, lecturer and as a consultant on politica...

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  • Peter Clement

    Peter Clement

    Peter Clement grew up on a sheep ranch in the Falkland Islands and received his formal education in Somerset, England. In 1969, he traveled to Australia and began work in ...

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  • Peter Graham

    Peter Graham

    Peter has lived in London and has worked in the travel industry for many years.
    He first went to sea as an entertainer and after 6 months working on a Russian cruise...

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  • Peter Ward

    With his father in military service, Peter Ward grew up in different places throughout England, Germany and the Far East. Graduating in English Literature and Religious St...

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  • Peter Warwick

    Peter Warwick

    Peter Warwick lectures largely on naval (particularly Nelson) and polar subjects, and has prepared maritime history talks for Mediterranean, Caribbean and Baltic cruises. ...

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  • Philip Airey

    Phil Airey started his career in the travel industry in the early 70’s when, after working in the vineyards near Bordeaux he discovered the joys of meeting different...

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  • Piero Bosco

    Piero Bosco

    Born on April 9 1966 in the tiny and quiet village of La Morra, in the Italian countryside. Piero soon set out to know more of the world. In 1987 he joined the army elite ...

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  • Pierre Malan

    PIerre Malan

    Pierre is an all round naturalist who trained as an oceanographer and marine biologist and has more than forty years of experience in the field. He lives in Hout Bay, near...

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  • Pierre Thomas

    Born in Belgium, Pierre moved to Zaire (the former Belgian Congo) with his family in 1978. They lived just outside Kinshasa, the capital city and he attended the Belgian S...

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  • Prof Brian Williams

    Prof Brian Williams

    Brian is the Emeritus Professor of Geology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and holds professorial positions in the Universities of Manchester and Bristol, UK, and ...

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  • Prof Geoffrey Hosking

    Geoffrey Hosking

    Geoffrey Alan Hosking is a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union and formerly Leverhulme Research Professor of Russian History at the School of Slavonic and East Europe...

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  • Prof Glen Johnson

    Prof Glen Johnson

    Professor Johnson is the author and co-author of several books and a number of articles on US foreign policy, international human rights, India’s foreign policy and ...

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  • Prof Martyn Rady

    Martyn Rady

    Martyn Rady is Professor of Central European History at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, a part of University College London. He has written books on Germ...

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  • Prof. James Floyd

    A native of Scotland, Professor James Floyd, has recently retired as District Geologist after 36 years with the British Geological Survey (NERC) in Edinburgh.  He now...

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  • Ray Hale

    Ray is a wildlife lecturer, author, photographer and naturalist. He enjoys sharing his experiences so much that he now leads groups of naturalists, researchers and eco-tou...

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  • Richard Chamberlain

    Richard Chamberlain

    Richard grew up with a love of water, snorkeling and SCUBA diving from an early age. After an interim period of racing cars in Australia, culminating in a State Championsh...

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  • Richard Grundy

    Richard Grundy

    Richard is a geography teacher who lives in rural Somerset, England. He enjoyed a three year post in the remote Tristan da Cunha school during which he acted as a mountain...

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  • Richard Nurick

    Richard Nurick

    Joining us onboard as guest speaker and to share his wealth of knowledge of the wines of the region will be Richard Nurick who has been involved in the wine...

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  • Richard Price

    Richard Price

    A childhood interest in biology led Rick into a ten year career working as a marine biologist for the British Antarctic Survey. He spent five winters and eight summers on ...

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  • Robert Bradford Rhees

    Brad Rhess

    A long time resident of Colorado and British Columbia studied in Business Administration. After 5 years working in a corporate environment he realized that his destiny was...

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  • Robert Lambert

    Dr Rob Lambert is a multi-disciplinary academic at the University of Nottingham, working in environmental history and tourism & the environment. He holds a MA (Hons) i...

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  • Rodney Greenberg

    Rodney Greenberg

    Rodney Greenberg graduated with honours at the Music Faculty of Manchester University, specialising in Piano and Composition. His music has been performed at the Wigmore H...

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  • Roger Lovegrove

    Roger Lovegrove

    Roger Lovegrove is a native of Devon, born in 1935. Initially a school teacher, he taught physical education in Sussex and Mid Wales for twelve years before joining the st...

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  • Roger Mills

    Roger MIlls

    Roger Mills is best known as the Director and Series Producer of the Michael Palin Travel Documentaries. Of the Seven series, from "Around the World in Eighty Days" (1989)...

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  • Roger Preece

    Roger Preece

    Roger’s interest in wine dates from when, whilst working for Stowells of Chelsea, he helped in broadening the company’s portfolio. This led to extensive travel...

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  • Rosemary Legrand

    Rosemary Legrand

    Rosemary is a former nursery owner and daughter of the late George Hyde, who was a hybridist of azaleas and rhododendrons.  Many of his award winning hybrid plants ca...

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  • Samuel Blanc

    Samuel lives in the Alpes Moutain in the middle of the wild nature. As a child he learned about the birds, mammals, flowers and wildlife. Later he worked as volunteer with...

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  • Sara Linnea Sjoberg

     Sara Linnea Sjoberg

    Born and raised in Sweden, Linnea spent every summer sailing with her family and quickly developed a love for the ocean. She has studied in Canada and Germany and holds a ...

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  • Sherban Lupu

    Sherban Lupu

    We will be joined onboard by Sherban Lupu, one of the world's leading performers of Romanian composer and virtuoso George Enescu's music. Romanian-born, Lup...

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  • Shirley Owen

    Shirley Owen

    I was born in Kingston, Surrey. When I was 13 my parents nearly moved my brother, sister and I to New Zealand….we ended up in Cornwall instead….not quite as ...

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  • Simon Boyes

    Simon Boyes began watching birds in England at the age of 12, and has rarely put his binoculars down since. He has a degree in Classics from Oxford University (useful for ...

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  • Simon Cook

    Simon Cook

    Simon shares the same family name as the illustrious 18th century explorer, Captain James Cook. In addition to seeing many of the places visited by Cook, Simon has travell...

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  • Simon Doughty

    Simon Doughty

    Simon Doughty was commissioned into The Life Guards in 1976, retiring from the Army in 2009 in the rank of colonel. During his military career he travelled widely and serv...

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  • Sipra Bose Johnson

    Sipra Bose Johnson

    Emerita at State University of New YorkSipra Bose Johnson is Associate Professor Emerita of Anthropology at the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is the autho...

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  • Sir Michael Burton

    Miacheal Burton

    Michael Burton had a 37 year long career in the Diplomatic Service, and played a prominent part in the closing stages of the Cold War. As the last British Minister in Berl...

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  • Stephen Dando-Collins

    Stephen Dando Collins

    The former COO of an American market research company, Stephen is the award-winning author of 25 books about British, American, French, Australian, and Roman history. It i...

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  • Stephen Phillips

    Stephen is a writer and broadcaster who frequently lectures on historical and archaeological subjects. He studied ancient history and classical archaeology at London and C...

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  • Steve Egan

    Steve Egan

    Growing up near World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, well fostered Steve’s innate passion for pure untouched wilderness. His particular interest is in ...

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  • Stuart Burmeister

    Stuart Burmeister

    Stuart’s home is in Durban, South Africa. He grew up literally in the wilds of Africa and has a good knowledge of the indigenous people and regions of many African c...

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  • Sue Flood

    Sue Flood

    Sue Flood is a freelance professional photographer and wildlife filmmaker. After 11 years with the BBC Natural History Unit, working on series such as The Blue Planet and ...

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  • Sue Forbes

    Sue Forbes

    Sue has been creating wildlife, landscape and travel photos for 20+ years, traveling to over 80 countries on all 7 continents. She has combined this passion with an unusua...

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  • Thomas Ash

    Tom stems from Hampshire in the south of England. After completing his education he was to take a position entertaining in the sunny climes of the Balearic Islands. He wor...

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  • Thomas Nilsen

    Thomas Nilsen

    Thomas Nilsen lives in the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes near Russia’s Kola Peninsula. He is editor of, covering Europe’s northernmost ...

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  • Ticu Gamalie

    Ticu Gamalie

    Born in the Constanta, Romania, Ticu began his career in the travel industry at young age guiding short tours in the Black Sea in his summer holidays. This led to longer t...

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  • Tim Soper

    Tim Soper was raised on the Devon coast of Southwest England. Growing up constantly in and around boats, Tim developed a passion for the sea that led him to study at the U...

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  • Timothy Earl

    Tim Earl has his roots in Guernsey where he still writes a column for the Guernsey Press. He was a staff journalist on the newspaper for more than 20 years during which ti...

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  • Tom Holland

    Tom Holland

    Tom Holland is the author of Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic, which won the Hessell-Tiltman Prize for History and was shortlisted for the Samuel Joh...

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  • Tony Crocker

    Tony Crocker

    Tony has spent many years living and travelling through the length and breadth of Europe, in the course of an extensive career in travel and tourism, including over a year...

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  • Victoria Salem

    Victoria Salem

    Victoria has always been fascinated by the cooler places on our planet and has been travelling in Northern Europe, the Arctic and Antarctica regularly for the past 15 year...

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  • Wendy Malan

    Wendy Malan

    Wendy trained as a classical ballet dancer and teacher at the University of Cape Town. After dancing professionally for ten years, she taught at the same university before...

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