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Posted: 26/06/2015

Noble Caledonia’s ‘Spirit of the Aegean’ Show Garden by Esra Parr

The first ever show garden from new designer Esra Parr (Esra Parr Gardens), this vibrant, colourful garden is evocative of Aegean Holidays. It has been sponsored by specialist tour and cruise operator Noble Caledonia, who operate tranquil, relaxing garden themed cruises and escorted tours in the Mediterranean and Aegean. The garden represents the timeless image of unspoiled islands, beautiful scenery, ancient sites and whitewashed villages alive with colour from bougainvillea, which are perfect for exploration by small ships. Visitors are drawn into the garden towards a fountain, whilst areas of vertically planted fuchsia pink Bougainvillea accentuate the perimeter. Blue walls have contrasting white aluminium panels set into them, which are reminiscent of the architecture of the region. Oleander shrubs and lavender are reflected in the still turquoise water of the rills set around the shaded seating area and wherever visitors stand, soft spires of deep purple and white contrast with structural cubes and spheres.

A planting list is available on site at the garden – Garden IN 324

A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of the plants during the show will be contributed to Noble Caledonia’s Charitable Trust which was established in 2013 to improve economic, social and environmental conditions in the areas they operate around the world.

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Posted: 17/10/2014

Cycling America for Burma

Joe  Nelson (Head of CR and Contracting) recently returned from the USA, having made it in one piece from Vancouver to San Diego by bicycle. All told Joe cycled 1900 miles over 31 days and climbed something in the region of 75,000 feet mostly on his own, but for the last 12 days with a couple of friends and an amazing time was had by all.

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Posted: 02/06/2014

Three Sisters - Noble Caledonia Acquires a Third Ship

London based Noble Caledonia announces the arrival of a third sister to their fleet. Joining the ‘Island Sky’ and ‘Caledonian Sky’ later this year will be ‘Sea Explorer’. All three vessels were formerly part of the Renaissance Cruises fleet of eight vessels. With the acquisition of ‘Sea Explorer’, Noble Caledonia now has Renaissance vessels 6, 7 and 8.

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